Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nigga REALLY ?! "And I would never, and I would never, and I would never fall.."

and then this happened...


man, I aint heard nothin from Lux in a minute, but dude just went offff on this flow. ELI PORTER.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Drum roll please...

Hater of the year goes to

All this guy does is talk negative about people, Im well aware of the difference between voicing your opinion and just dead hating, Bill o'Reilly is a hater. I pray I get to go on his show one day and do some shit like Cam'ron and Damon Dash(youtube lunchin so I cant post the vid). Just keeding, but yall get the picture.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Its hard, man. Shit aint nothin like it was growin up. I thank God for my life and family regardless of my standing with them. I just wanna get away from everybody. It will all straighten out eventually is what I keep tellin myself, I dont know how true that is but I gotta keep sayin it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Its been too hard livin', but I'm afraid to die

Anthony Hamilton - "A Change Is Gonna Come" from levi maestro on Vimeo.

One of my favorite songs of all time and Anthony Hamilton just killed it. One thing that always gets me about this song though is the way it ends, I never feel like its supposed to end when it does, I feel like theres more. Iont kno, thats just how I feel when I hear it.


I been neglected the posts out the blog of late. I been busy though...and been bullshittin with Splint. But, hey, I'm back. I swung to Wichita Fallz as soon as I finished my last final and kicked it with Splinter like a teenage mutant ninja turtle. A lotta shit talk, intoxication, and fun. But now its back to business. I got to get my focus together. We on it, me and splint talked bout some shit and its go time. So here we go. 35oz til we OD. Peace.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well I would jus like to say...

Its my birthday and uh....

You cant tell me NOTHIN

haha Happy birthday SplinteR

I'd just like to say....

My Lil/Big Bro made 19. Happy birthdai lil ole botch.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

"You jive muthafuckaaaahhhh"

This shit looks ADDDD, eli porter.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Im an Uptown boy..

first off i'd like to say FUCK CHEMISTRY. but on a lighter note, the brooklyn girls vid dropped today. Its a good look for charles hamilton, a real artist, musician, and lyricist. Looks dude is set to do some big things and turn this industry around, hope fully he can do so.

*I doubt this is the final cut*

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nigga really?? Chedder Bob Edition

my nigga plexico aint never gon live this hoe down lmmfao

"Your a future car parker nothin lighter ima sparker"

officialy one of my fav rappers outta new york. THIS LIL NIGGA IS A MUH FUKKN BEAST. wonder where he got it from cuz his pops was sorry. anyway im gone. back to studyin.


"Wipe that smile off your fucking face"

One & Only - Timbaland Feat. Fall Out Boy

idk how i found this. its a wierd ass combo. but tha breakdowns are dank as fuk. and i cant stop listenin to this wipe that smile off ur fukkng face..
my ears are crazy lately i been listenin to all types of crazy shit but i like it.

anyway out..


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I found this while I was uhh "studying"

The Grand Finale..

Finals...fuck. I'm just tryna make it back to the Funk, but I have 5 tests in my way. I hate finals. Its dumb, to me, to have one test over some material, never talk about it again and then just throw the shit on a test at the end of the semester. I'm not talking about when the new material builds on the old material, I'm talkin about random shit. But fuck all that(no homo if u read that fast), I'm just gone knock these out and enjoy Christmas break. I need to get outta here quick, Roommates=anti-dank. Its not even them as much as its me just not likin being around people 24hrs a day everyday. but uhh lemme get back to studyin so this time will fly faster and these tests will come quicker and I'll be home sooner.

Ferris Bueller
TJ Detweiller

Monday, December 8, 2008

"Whisper in my ear that you want some more then...."


"Real Dawgs Dont Pay 4 Cat"

Classsssiiiiiiiccccc shiiiiiiitttttt. Man i remember when i was lil they used to play this song all tha time on tha radio and it was my jam then. i was like 6 years old..its crazy i remember dat shit.

Sidenote: is dat jazzy pha singin? it dont look nothin like dat nigga..anyway im ghost.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

"I Can Transform I Can Transfrom I Can Transform With Out Even Tryin"

I would go on youtube everyday 4 bout a month jus to listen to this version of this song. u cant find tha shit anywhere cuz ive looked but i love this fukkn song. gnarles barkley is crazy. whos gonna save my soul now is also another one of my i said i jam all music ima music head 4 real. jus trynna let yall in my world a lil bit. wipe ya feet at tha door.


"Ignore Me If You See Me Cuz I Just Dont Give A Shit"

I fuks wit all music. Nin prolly gon read this n txt me talkin shit but fuk him this my blog too. and if he can put dat lykki li shit on here then dammit i can put this on here...but i digress. i like tha song n its a crazy ass video. ive heard these dudes wit gym class heros and wat not so i fuk wit em. plus i love that line.

anyway im out..ill prolly be right back tho..


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nigga Really??? Doth thee weep like a maiden

WTF? Nigga!!! You bout 6'13 350lbs. you prolly eat pitbull puppies for breakfast, and you cryin??? Man up.

Friday, December 5, 2008

"God Walks With Me But Im Still Vexed"

idk how but i ended up youtubin kid cudi and i surfed around listenin to a few of his songs and dude goes in. pause. i fuks wit him.

see also cleveland and the prayer.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today marks a year since Pimp C of UGK died. In Texas he's an icon, legend and pioneer of our rap scene. To me every human life has the same value and the loss of any life is saddening, so I want to also take time to say R.I.P. to any and everyone that has passed and ask that God bless their souls. I don't have a heaven or hell to place anyone in so I cant say that he's an angel or otherwise but he did a lot of good things for the Lonestar State and I'm proud to say he was a Texan. Splint and I weren't lucky enough to work with him before he passed but we look forward to carrying on the legacy that he and Bun B started here. R.I.P. Pimp C, all the other Texas Legends, and everyone everywhere that has moved on.

One Day Your Here, Then Your Gone - UGK

"Man who am I? Just like a super Saiyan'

More B.oB. lmfao hahahahaah


I had this weird dream earlier. I was taking a nap before my 5:30 class, in the dream I woke up to go to class and I was lookin at the clock to see what time it was. I knew in my mind the clock was supposed to say 5:12 but it kept saying 10:12, 2:12, 9:12, or 15:12. My vision was kind of blurry in the dream too. After the clocked flashed those times it flashed 5060 then I woke up. I dont know what that means but it was weird to me. I dont know man. Ive had a few weird dreams lately.

To answer your question...

Dekk we currently dont have music out yet. we just have a gang of ideas and a shitload of imagination...but soon and very soon the infection will begin.

Master Splinter
1/2 of the Crack Babies/Kilo Kids

ill holla at yall..but if u need me..


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"I hope when dinner's cold my niggas don't desert me"

Drake is seriousss. Interscope has an ignant roster. Wale, Charles Hamilton, and Drake. Thats ridiculous cuz those are the three best artists, in my opinion, that have recently gone major. I need a track with all three of them dudes on it. And who is Colin Munroe?, he sounds dank, Im finna do some research on dude's music.

Over n out, 35ozNin aka The Sober CrackHead

Monday, December 1, 2008

Flyer than the rest of emmm

Mayne I been waitin on this for a minute. Wale go in like a convict.

Every Trapper IS NOT A RAPPER

but these niggas here...shiddd. Most hood niggas think because they were in the dope game they are automatically qualified to be rappers. NEGATIVE. Rapping and Emceeing dont have shit to do with street/drug/hood shit. Its about being real and knowing how to work the words with flow. All the other shit is extraneous. These dudes were emcees that got caught up in street shit. So all wackness please exit stage left.

"And since when lyrical skills had to do with killin a cat? What type of chitlins is that?" MF Doom

Kilo Kids

*No the Kilo Kids/35oz/Your Brain on Drugs did not nor do deal, the name is a metaphor and a form of symbolism, all of that we'll be explained at a later date.*

They say yo jus too real boy

Im back like spinal cords. returning from a dank ass break to go back to skool sucks ass. i miss home. i wasnt worried bout a damn thing except wat we was drinkn on and wat we was gettin into dat nite. aint have to worry bout a test or class or nothing. i love that feelin. i hate stressin yet thats all i seem to do lately. stressin bout money class school tha future. its all too much. i was tellin bro i wanna go on vacation one day and not take a cell phone. so i aint gotta focus on nobody but me. and i can jus relax. ima do that one day. when we go back on break for christmas i dont wanna take my phones jus relax and be wit family and enjoy tha time. I went to church yesterday for tha first time in forever. i walked in and sat down and one of the lil kids gave me a visitor card. dat hurt cuz i was one of tha main members of that church i had been there from jump. but i think dat was Gods way of tellin me i dont spend enough time in church. and then the message that was told hit me hard. u kno how u go to church and u feel like dude is talkin bout your situation...thats how it felt. i need to quit trippin and let God take control. so thats my plan ova these next two weeks. jus calm down and let God take over. lets make it happen cappn.

Master splinter aka
Splinte West

Scuse me Scuse me, dont mind me, just lemme drop this.

Ok i'm gone, i was never here

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Skunk Love

Man, I needed this break something serious. Me and Splint just chilled the whole week and got away from all the stress, worries, and responsibilities. Its crazy how we can be our own biggest stress factor sometimes. I naturally think a lot and with that comes worries because the more you think the more you realize how much is really uncertain in life. It felt good to just live this week and not worry about what moves I need to make or what I have to do. I woke up this mornin and my stomach hurt cuz I just loathe going back to school that much. I really dont know if I dont like my school or if I dont like bein away from home, I think its a lil of both and a lot of the latter, but iont know. I just gotta grind out two weeks then I can rest for a month n then knockout the spring. I know good things are comin so Im not worried about anything anymore. God got my soul, Splint got my back, I got the drive, who got the map? lol Its already set out, so I'm just ridin.

Kilo Kids
2 DopeSpittas in a Chevy

Thursday, November 27, 2008

That's Savage

YEAHHHHH. Last night me, Splint, and some more of my bros went to a Lil Boosie show in Dallas. THROWED. We had a bottle of Ciroc and was loooosse. Ciroc Ovodka is my President lmao. Good ass time. Me and Splint had an ignint freestyle session on the way. When we got to the club it was packed. Females erywhere. Niggas straight ackin. Boosie had that throwback Coogi sweater on lookin like Bill Cosby slangin pudding lol. He did his shit though. All in all, it was live. Oh and that niggas piece and chain was Eli Porter, white and yellow diamonds and it said "Superbad." It was mean.


was dank, of course. Im full of turkey of dressin. And its nap time.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Why I'm just now hearing this..I dont know, Im late, shidd. Either way its simply dank. My favorite rapper...ever since I found Doom tho he got some comp but anyway, this song is the illyness.

Monday, November 24, 2008


If I was ballin please believe this would be on my stat sheet. This is soooo rediculous, can imagine this shit zippin past you on the highway at night. I will have one of these one day, one day.

A million mosquitos buzzzzzinnnn

Splint's favorite producer and some thoedness for tha trunk. sidenote. this video almost got nigga really'd cuz it look so damn cheap, I'm tired of these white background videos with a rapper and all his weed carriers. The director need his arse dropped.

Nigga Really??? Mama told you bout playin in the house...


oh yeah I'm 19 you bastidddssss. The long blog entry will come damn professor decided to give me an exam as a bday

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The place to be and not to be at the same time...

Ive come to realize that i could honestly give a fuk bout somebody elses feelings. 3 ppl in tha world i give a fuk about. My mama my daddy and my bro nin. Everybody else jus plays a minor part in my life. Nobody else is gonna be there in tha end when its all said and done so why tha fuck should anybody else matter?

Ive realized i barely give a fuck about anything. im on the verge of possible losing my job and i dont give a fuck. One of my bosses is a bitch and my attitude doesnt make tha situation any better. My attitude doesnt make anything any better for that matter. I believe im stuck in a point on my life and i cant move forward. this average everyday life shit isnt for me. havin to listen to a boss/professor/anybody is not for me. i want to have my own authority over myself and not have to answer to anyone for anything.

life is a mess right now...this break should give me plenty of time to clear my head. damn i cant wait to get to tha funk.

Shit always gets bad b4 it gets better...
i guess that mean summn good as fuk bout to happen

i leave yall wit this



Saturday, November 22, 2008


Day N Nite (Remix) - Jim Jones

For whoever can tell me whos song thing is..i kno jim jones is on it but whos tha otha dude? cuz this song go hard and i want tha inst to this too.

Hi, its Nin again. The artist is Kid Cudi, u damn seminal vesicle breathed nagger

Friday, November 21, 2008

eleven 24

My birth/landing/descent/neuron day is coming up. Im kind of excited, kind of not. Not excited cuz I feel like I'm behind in life and accomplishing my goals. Excited cuz, hell, I'm turnin 19, why not.haha. But some weird shits been botherin me, like I swear I jus always happen to look at clocks when they say 11:24. Like maybe Im just trippin and it jus strikes me becuz that date is significant to me, but on the trill, I see it all the time(NoPunInten). And I keep seein 254. The whole 254 thing started when I came down here for school, I just kept seein it, then it stopped for a while, now its happening again. I associate a meaning with everything and feel like theres a reason y I see anything. Right now I dont know what it is, but hopefully I'll realize it soon.

Young C Hoeeee

Dude been spittin crazy since he made this comeback/resurgence. Im waitin for the CD and I been followin the 30 verses series and dude has yet to dissappoint.

Nigga really?? Gap edition

well dude uhhhh.... there u have it
flo went from birthday cake (which is still one of my fav songs) to that damn apple bottom jeans song (which plagued the club for waaaaay to long) to that damn ayer song (which is jus annoying as fuck) to a fukkn Gap add (which is jus plain hilarious) Id expect this shit from trey songz..r&b niggas can do Gap ads. but flo?? nigga u should be ashamed of yoself. in fact dont EVA let me hear this nigga say anything else about bein a thug or a gangster or a goon in any of his songs after this gap commercial cuz 35oz will have to roast this nigga.


hahah aight im done
Splinty Mcveigh
Osplinta Bin Laden

hi ,yeah its Nin, I had to cosign this...OUCH...It dont snow in Florida, WHOAAAAA(brisco tone) lmao..Splinter, back to you.

What it do my nigga wat it issssssss

Aight...Nin has takin ova tha blog cuz i never have time or find shit important enough to place on tha blog. but im back..ima try to blog atleast once a day if not every other day. *dont hold me to that we kno with goals*
HUUUGE co sign on the whole charles hamilton/lykke li/drake entry...that shit is dank. i want that beat for breakfast its still early and ima tad hungry.

its almost winter break thank GOD. i need a break from college from wichita falls from texas from HERE. swangin down to tha funk 4 thanksgivin. thats a start. update my swag hop on some yellas and roll thru tha boosie boo concert. yeaaaaahhhhh *boosie tone*

anyway im done..might swang back thru later on if im bored enough..




Every dude does and has done this when they look/looked at their least if u got a baddd one lol. It was funny though cuz Joe sound like a pedophile whisperin it outloud to himself but still its what we all think.

Free Throws

Uh yeah, I kinda messed up. I dont feel like too many people really get me or the way I look at things. I think I found somebody thats on the same level as me with the way I think and view the world, but my dumbass wasnt payin attention and let her slip. I dont think Im out but Im behind.
But I'm good tho.
Like God with.
an extra O.
or 35 mo.
now u.

1/2 of the Kilo Kids
2/4 of Your Brain on Drugs
Barack MoDollas and Dough Biden lmao

Quick shout

Thanks to Dekk over at for the shoutout. He is an up and coming producer and I really appreciate his style, I left a comment on one of his posts and he showed the kilo kids some love. Keep makin that real music bro.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Little Bit of Starchasin

Starchasers - Charles Hamilton

Little Bit - Drake & Lykke Li

So first I heard the Charles Hamilton joint and thought it was crazy but I had no idea where the sample came from, Then today the Drake Remix of "Little Bit" came out and all the pieces came together. All three songs are crazzzzyyy. Ima check out some more of Lykke Li's work. so uh yeah theres the puzzle

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Aint really done an actual typed out blog saying anything the past few days so here we go. Things are goin pretty good, Ive finally got into the right zone and understanding that I need to be in to get shit done. I'm just gone handle up and control what I can and the rest will fall in place. Straight like that, cool like this.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On some DC shit

Yeah, jo, thats it. haha.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nigga Really?

Now youre probably sayin "how does this qualify for a nigga really?"..cuz nigga really I'd go raw, no trojan like stanford, no magnum like chevy.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nigga Really? What is that shit??

Now I fucks with this song, shit is thoed to me, but nigga wtf is that shit on the back of yo head? Growin a rat tail bro?...lil pubic fro on yo neck n shid..cut that shid.


Good ole Gym Class Heroes

Friday, November 14, 2008

Reagan Era...Obama Era

This is my shiid. Plain n Simple. 35oz Rep that Obama Era, haha, ya dug??


This WAS easily my favorite mixtape series. In my opinion some of Lil Wayne's best material was on D1 and D2(no mighty ducks). D3 is ass, but I knew what it was before I downloaded it. It was some nice shid on here tho. Drake straight killed "Get Like Me", he easily had the best verse on the tape. "Dick Pleaser" was live, sounded like the "Walk it Off" wayne a lil and that beat stay crunk down here. But all in all, two thumbs down, chaliee murphayyy.

Give a

Fugk what people say, Ye is seriousss...

Dude is just himself and fuck what the world think. Sidenote. I was with this nigga on the flow til he started talkin bout his house wouldnt sell, iont kno why but that shit had me rollin.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

U probably can stop me probably never..

ok dat prolly wasnt his best line to quote however i fuk wit dizzy. and like one or two otha london rappers...some sound retarded tho.
any way dig on it.



how school makes me feel and how I imagine the humdrum 9 to 5 life is.

Damn I'm cold..

So about two weeks ago I walk in English class and the teacher says turn in your FINAL draft. I'm sittin there like shiT!! cuz I thought we had another rough draft due that day and I hadnt even changed anything from the last draft. I couldnt do anything so I just turned that draft in. Got the jawnt back today...A-...needless to say, DAMN IM COLD...Haha good thursday.

Kilo Kids
Children of the Caine
Blow your Mind
35oz til the OD

oh yeah, of course, All Praises to the Supplier, God give me style, God give me Grace.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

off the college rule lines...

Mr. Greyhound

Mr. Greyhound, set me free/
I'ma take you off this leash and let u lead/
Ain't nothin' at home for me/
So I ask the city, please let me leave/
I heard its oppurtunities outside the gate so let me see/
My jays, backpack, these two diamonds, some mp3/
beats, pen, and pad with full sheets, thats all I need/
Pardon me, maam, may I have this seat?/
I'ma sit here and let Mr. Greyhound bring the world to me/

I was jus sittin here listenin to music, vibin and this came out. Tryna get loose...
Kilo Kids
Children of the Caine
35oz til the Rehab


I'm tired of this fucking dorm room.
I'm tired of this damn twin bed, the fuck i look like in this lil shit.
I'm tired of eatin in a gotdamn cafeteria everyday.
I'm tired of seeing these niggas all the time, roommates are the anti-dank.
I'm tired of these smart ass non teachin teachers.
I'm tired of paying to wash my damn clothes.
I'm tired of this damn campus.
Im tired of this shit. Period.
Im not gone say college is wack but this one is for sure.


This is when the shit is the hardest, its 1:42 am, I got class at 9 and all I can think about is rapping. I want to take out my pen and pad and just go, then take it to the booth and record it. Instead I gotta force myself to sleep to chase a degree...I'm tryna hit these niggas with the plus degree, minus a degree, hopefully you got that, if not, it still made sense to Let me chill before I leave this bitch and start living life.......

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This aint...

the verse I intended to post but here's a lil somethin. The idea came to me a while back when I just thinking to myself about what dreams are and playing with the idea. This isnt even a full verse, just 7 lines. I feel like its complete, i'll probabaly go a full sixteen one day and make it a verse but as for now its complete.

Sleep is kin to death, so Sandman, Mr. Sandman what is a dream?/
my eyelids got heavy and dimethyltriptamine painted a scene/
visions of the afterlife, growing closer to the light in the dark of night/
deja vu is God giving me a crumb from Heaven in life/
sleep rejuvenates, time away from life is what I need to function right/
the abscence of life is the presence of the divine, a flash of God's mind/
insomnia is atheism, cataracts to cloud my third eye blind/

Nigga Really? It aint that damn hot edition

Where the hell yo shirt at nigga? Cover that shit up, niggggaaaaa. U got breastssssssssss. Yo stomach is globalll nigggaaaaaaaaaa.


my bad, the verse is comin. I started goin in on it so Ima take my time with it. As I was typing it I started feeling funny cuz I was typing it. As a writer first, mc second, it feels kind of unorganic typing my work. I know, its the same basically but its just somethin different about physically writin it down, scratchin it out, and rewritin it. Its just more pure to me. so uhh Respect the Penmanship. botches.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


uh I aint did a damn thing since I blogged earlier. Fuck Homework, Dormwork, just fuck all that. So lemme air out this tornado in my brain. I was thinkin bout all my people and whatnot and I realized I dont really have personal relationships with anybody. Like everybody is just there and then theres me. Besides my ace couldnt nobody really tell you shit about me, truthful shit at least. To some extent that bothers me cuz the people that are important to me dont even really know me. And on that, the line of who's important and who's not gets blurred easy. Ive become real introverted over the last few years and as much as I learn and perceive, I push people out and keep em on the other side of the fence, which probably keeps me ignorant to some things. I really cant help it tho. When I try to be sociable and shit like that I feel my self forcin it. Y force it?, if it aint me, it just aint me. Shid iont kno, whatever. How bout a verse? Look up bsytch.

Before the books...

Let me blog it out rite quick. Lets see uhhh...Waco feels more like home than the Funk, that scares the shit out of me, but it is what it is. My heart is in the Funk tho. Uhhh...I didnt make any mistakes this weekend, Splint know what I'm talkin bout. Im startin to worry though cuz Im not seein the opposites in a good light. All I see is their "divinity" and not their "humanity." My species will understand that statement. Hopefully Ill find one to bring me back to earth... uhhh thats most of it, shit is randomly runnin right now so I'll probably be back shortly. wait wait, 35 oz. is coming soon, very soon. We're two years behind but please believe we gone catch up then lap the game. The kilo kids, the ki to the game. Peace.

35ozNin aka Voodoo Man aka Huey Freeman

Thursday, November 6, 2008

No letting up

My university has a history of trying to let incidents like the ones of the past few days be forgotten or swept under the rug virtually untouched and with little done. Its my first year here and I would like to graduate from here, so I feel a personal responsibility to do what I can to change things around here. I will not allow the school to ignore the racism that exists here. I initially did not want to come here but God got me here and now I know why. Ill be tracking the progression of things here and how they are handled so people can remain informed about whats going on.

Kilo Kids


Here's the CNN coverage of the incident at my university.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nigga Really? pt. 3 Didnt u wanna cut his balls off last week? edition

Sorry Miss Jackson ohhhhh I AM FOR REAL...Why are you crying? Im pretty sure you wanted Barack's Balls(so homo cuz this niggas bitch ass) for Christmas ornaments a lil while back. You was probably thinkin that was supposed to be you up there, huh? Hi hater, bye hater. Karmas a bitch, now or later. And I'm gone like that. Peace to all that deserve it and love to all that don't deserve it.

No anesthesia

The past two days have been some of the most trying on my spirit and my mind that I hav ever experienced. A lot of frustration, confusion, and deep thought have plagued me. Ive been a witness to things I hoped Id never have to experience and on a level that Id never thought "Christian" people would stoop to. God gave me music as my escape from reality and pain, and its crazy to me that I got the feeling he wanted me to fast from music when I would be encountering these things. Ive been doing my best sticking to the fast and I feel like I'm growing already. I feel like I have to get proactive and help to change a lot of things in my school community and America in general. Its sad that people are responding like they are to the election when even if you are not a democrat you have to realize the significance of a black man being the next president. I just want unity. Im really tired of the whole situation but I have a lot of work to do if I want to be a part of the change. So Im just going to do what I can and pray that God will open peoples' eyes, minds, and perspectives, and if not just don't let me feel like my work is in vain.

35ozNIN 1/2 of the Kilo Kids.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Somebody hung a noose from a tree on our campus this morning. I went to my first class at 8am, and my teacher finished early and let us out around 845am. The campus was still fairly empty then. I went back to my room and one of my friends texted me around 915am saying that there was noose hanging from one of the trees. I walked out to where he said and there it was. There were a lot more people out now and people were walking around like they didnt see it there or something. Today is a historical day and represents so much change but the ignorance and foolishness displayed this morning shows how far back some people are. Obama represents change in so many ways and no matter what anyone does to him or to try to blemish today the statement has been made. We are standing up as people and making progress and showing that we are equal citizens. Try as you may to discourage us but the seed has been planted and is growing in the minds of our people, and you cant stunt that growth. Understand that this is not all about black and white either, its about unity. Obama means a lot to us as African Americans, but we should be able to just say Americans. Lets all come together and make a difference. And the noose situation still hurts me because people hate us for reasons beyond our control and for reasons they probably dont even understand themselves. But its okay. "They dont hate me, they hate God, I aint make me"-Jay Electronica

35oz is the difference. A ki, a key. Crack changed America in the 80s and we're here to reverse it.

Mute *cosign*

aight so bro got me on this music fast. he's tha smarter more spiritual one of tha 2 of us so ima follow this nigga try to make it a week without my beloved music..
it aint even been 24 hours and im losin my mind. i got songs in my head i cant even listen to, ridin in tha car is depressing cuz its so damn silent.
i aint even trippin tho i can do it.
anyway im outtie like a belly button

tomorrows election day GO VOTE

0bama in 08



Sometimes you gotta press mute to really hear...I was sittin in class today and somethin (GOD) told me to fast from music except gospel for a week. I dont know why or what for but when I get a feeling like this I follow it. So from yestadai at 7pm til next monday at 7pm me n splinter are fasting from music. This is harder than u might think considerin me n him both always got somethin playing. I feel like God is trying to show us somethin tho so I'm goin to stick it out.

Silent in the Lone Star to hear the constellations speak.

Monday, November 3, 2008


cosign previous post, lmfao at "HRRGGGGRRHHH"


One of the most if not the most under rated Texas Rappers..
Fuk wit it

I Aint Trippin - Chalie Boy


Sunday, November 2, 2008


doesnt really tell how I'm feelin right now but this jawnt always helps me fall back and think.

Wake Up - Pacific Division

Time & Money

Homecoming WEEKEND...was okay. Not dank, just okay. I'm tired man, this party club shit is gettin old quick, Im a fucking freshman in collge, this shit aint supposed to be feeelin old already... I dont know man, but I dont see myself goin out too much in the near future, its redundant and I cant really have fun unless I got somethin in my Im not a damn druggie or alcoholic, I just dont like people and I need shit so I can tolerate bein in a packed room full of em for a few hours. That last thought in itself is a reason to quit goin out, but what ever tho. Im startin to see the triviality of the shit I/we/niggas/humans do. Nothin matters man, every dollar I spend Im gettin closer to broke and every second I breath Im gettin closer to death...Ima try to enjoy it all while I can but now ima try to do it in a more profitable way.

to be cont. on StarChaser*

Im gone, peace in ya soul, cease fire in ya mind.

Nin, Human* After All, Ron O'Trill

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nigga really!? Big Girls editon

This nigga must be broke...

poor mike epps

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nigga Really? pt 1-Bitch IONT GIVE A FUCK edition

kim kardashian is prolly having sluttttt


I got a betch ass headache right now. Its jus the cap on a bunch of frustrations. I'm so tired of this shit man, i just wanna get the fuck outta here. Im just tryna make it to friday, this week goin quik, luckily. Im tryna figure shit out and still maintain what I'm doin but that shit is damn near impossible. Fuck it tho, it is what and is gone what its supposed to.

Ron O'Trill

Monday, October 27, 2008


I kinda fucked with Naledge before this BUT now I fucks with Naledge(pause), shits eli porter.

Under Construction

Life as i know it has been a little bit off lately. Shit at home wasnt right for a minute, tha whole school situation is still gettin to me, and a recent situation at tha club on saturday shook me up a lil bit. I realize sunday morning im doin too much. I went out saturday to tha club and jus stood there. Didnt dance didnt sip on nuttin didnt hop on no females nuttin. Jus stood there. You ever had a "room full of people but still feel alone" type feelings? yea dats wat it was. i really dont even know why i stayed the whole time. i guess i just didnt wanna be at tha crib. But i been bullshittin and bein lazy. like the college life hasnt kicked in on me yet. i dont study and I barely do homework. im doin enough to jus get by when i should be doing enough to bypass. i jus dont have tha desire i should. this shit doesnt appeal to me like it should. i been taught from birth go to college get your degree and make your money..and now im here and its not that easy. So im jus gonna chill. I need to get my priorites straight. School then money. then whatever else after that. all that club hoppin and drinkin n smokin shit is done. Failure isnt an option. Never has been and never will be. I was bred for excellence and nothing less. So its time to make shit happen. Its gonna take alot of will power and even more prayer, but i can do it..
Mr.Splinter aka The Master aka Splint Eastwood aka Splinty Mcveigh aka 1/2 Of Tha Kilo Kids

We got this bro. Fuck the bullshit lets get focused.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

wtf was I thinkin?....

bad decisions. never again. stand up. better.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i need a vacation...

im losin my fukkn mind on tha cool. i need to get outta here away from everybody jus chill by myself. my lifes on tilt right now. skool is not wat it is i fukkn hate skool. im startin to hate this damn house. i used to tell myself at 18 i wanted to be gone..fuk livin at tha crib. and im still here dealin wit dumb shit 4 no fukkn reason. next year im ghost. im not stayin in w.f another year im not stayin wit moms another year im dippin. and fuk lookin back.
i need to chill...remember my gpa used to always say tha right shit to calm me down. i need dat shit right now. anyway im bout to go to class n listen to this ol ass white dude talk for 2 hours about the economy and otha bullshit.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LMAO, yeah uh Karma is a BITCH

Watch what you do cuz the shit will come back, and come back HARD.(like crack) Im watchin some shit occur right now and its all the product of some bitchassness and the shit goin thru the cycle of karma. switch. Im laughin at yall, if u think we dont or we wouldnt ur wrong, so think before u press send. And I'm gone like that.

Nintendo-1/2 of the Kilo Kids-2/4 of Your brain on drugs

Monday, October 20, 2008

Human* After All

I'm a star chasin the night sky. Stuck in the influence of the sun I cant see my own worth, but in the dark I set the world on fire. A point in the midnight sky, the largest constellation, the world's dream catcher. I induce dreams and pave roads to the future...

just some thoughts. Incomplete thoughts.

"Ima quit beatin around the bush....."

yeah this song got double meanings for me, I dont forget some shit I wish I could at times. I'm TRippin.


Its a lot on my mind, I'm sure most of it will make its way onto here in some form or another durin the week. Im tryna chill and get ready for this week. I really gotta go hard this week, a lot goin on. Im try to change up couple of decisions I made on certain subjects and see how they go, iont really know what to expect but Im just gone play and see what the score lookin like. Well i got class in a few hours so ima try to catch some Zs and jump this monday off right.

35oz aka Tha Kilo Kids aka Last of the 80s babies aka '89 til infinity.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm at the bottom, nowhere to go but up. No choice but to go up. I perform when pressure is on, I got to learnt to perform when shits sweet too, not just when its sour.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shawty dont chop me, shawty dont screw me



my bad, been busy doing nothing so wasnt anything worth writing about. weekend was boring. monday was ok. comment. God's givin me peace bout this whole school situation and helpin me push thru it til its our time to takeover. so u lame types got a little more time, a "little" more time. we're comin so yall better be ready.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Its me and you, bro. Lets make our dreams reality, Stay up, Stay focused.

"Wide awake but a nigga livin your dreams out"-Drake


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well my bro pretty much said everything I was going to. Swear we got separated at birth...But man its just really tough right now because Ive been feeling like school isnt for me, in all honestly this has just been me setting up my safety net, I want to do music, not school or engineering. Im about to switch my major to business because that would be helpful in my music ventures. All I want to do is make music and influence peoples' ideas. I want to inspire people and change perspectives. I want people to be able to feel my exact emotion thru the words I say in a verse, man. God gave me a gift with words and I feel like I'm shunning his blessing by not using it to the best of my abilities. And God forgive me cuz I have been doubtin u, not on purpose just out of fear of failure, I'm sorry, Lord. I know thru You I can accomplish anything, I just have to jump and know that you will carry me on your wings. We're ready God. We are going to take over. 35oz, we are not a movement, we are an infection. Hip Hop Insurgents.

My trains on schedule...



Between my dreams and my future. On one hand i see this music shit blastin off into somethin huge. doin wat i love for a living makin music feedin tha world how i feel in musical form...Then on tha otha hand its school, gettin my degree and shit...I cant jus drop out. then all them years of skool was for nuttin. and ok if i were to drop out wat if this music shit dnt work like i want it to. what if im misunderstanding Gods plan for me...If anybody in tha world right now could make this music shit happen its us. me and my brotha. we share tha same ideas its fukkn crazy cuz we not even blood but u couldnt tell. Creatively tha two of us together is insane. I KNOW we can do this HAS to happen. This isnt it for for 4 more years to work on somebody elses job till im old enough to retire. not workin 4 nobody else ima be my own boss and somebody gon be workin 4 me. There aint gon be no damn i shoulda done this or..if only we woulda done that..naw its gon happen. Summer 2009 is gonna be THE summer. My ambition alone can take over tha world...jus wait till u see my imagination..

im out.
Splinty McVeigh

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Justice is puttin out a cd/dvd documentary on my birthday, can u say dank? And i'm gone like that.

Monday, October 6, 2008

False Alarm

After I made the drunk but not really post it hit me why i wasnt buzzin, Im on zyrtex cuz my allergies been fucked up, so thats why i was fucked up but i wasnt fucked I can keep sippin!!! yay!! haha naw I'm still gone chill. RIP Ciroc Ovodka, Hen Icey, Abso Loot, Pair Rotbey, Crown Royal, and Hyp Not Ick.


so i came on here to key-style real quick..but i changed my mind. lol jus a random ass entry before i go to this lame ass note-takin class....i wish i could step outside and find a million dollars and say fuk skool lets start this music shit and begin tha 35oz takeover.
skool sucks ass. its pointlesss..swear everyday i hear a story botu somebody who aint got no type of fukkin high school/college degree no fukkin education and they multi millionaires......
shits rediculous. i need to get tha fuk outta wichita falls. im swangin to denton or college station next year or autsin..i jus havent figured out which one yet...but its commin soon.
anyway im ghost like rolls royce.

Like Im drunk but Im not....

Yeah so I 2nd Splinter on the stop drinking amendment to kilogrammar konstitution. I aint never been as hard of a drinker as Splint but lately Ive been gunnin for the title. Last night I had one of the weirdest feelings Ive ever had, and the shit was disturbing cuz I couldnt do anything but ride it out. I had been drinkin and I was drunk but I wasnt buzzin, It was like i could feel the alcohol in my system but I wasnt getting a high from it, shit was uncomfortable. Imagine being intoxicated, knowing it, feeling all the effects of it and wanting to sober up but you cant...that was me last night. That shit was the Anti-Dank. lmao. But yeah I had been thinkin bout layin off the 'hol jus so I could get back on my weights and hardbody shit but after last night Ill be chillin for a minute...I think (meow) will be my anti-drug lmfao....

A sober drunk nigga

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hi My Name Is Master Splinter, And Ima Alcoholic..This Gon B A Long One..

Ill admit. I tried to stop drinkin and i cant. i didnt even go a week. Thursday i was cool i was like naw im not gon drink..friday i aint even go out...Saturday i got shitfaced. it started off wit a lil baby long island ice tea which was actually stronger than i anticipated. aight a glass of that followed by a shot and a half of e&j had me right. aight we get to tha club and its live than a bitch females everywhere(5 of em consisted of ex gfs which was awkward as fuk.) so we chillin my bro gets a drink i sip half his shit we hit tha floor. im still good...aight...then we go and my bro gets another drink well i tell him to buy me one..i dnt even kno wat it was but by now, as u might have guessed, im fukkd up.
I enjoyed tha rest of tha time at tha club danced wit some females..attempted to juggle two of my females at once cuz both of em was there (another entry). As im chillin i look to my left and its my first gf..get tha fuk. idk y but i got mad than a bitch. like i wanted to jus drop her and tha nigga she was wit. and she kept fukkn starin n i hate dat shit. when im drunk my tolerance level is zero. but i said fuk dat i got two bad hoes that look way betta than her i aint gon trip. anyway i digress..
we leave tha club hit tha after hour spot nobody there..we run by bobby spot and i pour up another cup of e&j and hawaiian punch which is fukkin delicous kill dat. then we get drive around hit up these females house one bitch was bullshittin so we left and i went to my homeboy house...i drink a cup of trash can punch...its 6 in tha fukkin morning and im still drinking.. WHAT THA FUCK!!!
I was that cant stand up, shouldnt be drivin, prolly gon fuk a ugly bitch, cant see straight, dumb, retarded drunk. and i never wanna do that shit again. i cant believe i let myself get that carried away. i dont even remember gettin tha fuck home last nite..shits rediculous
I got a problem..shits obvious. i gotta chill on dis shit. cuz if i woulda gotten arrested or summn woulda happened that woulda been my ass. i got too much goin for me to throw it away. i kno better...i was tellin Nin tha otha day my fam would be ashamed of me if they knew everything i been doin...and wats so bad about it is in a way they do kno cuz they lookin down on me watchin my back. So i kno they up there like wtf is this nigga doin.
Im strong so i can do dis shit...its jus gon take a lil prayer and alot of self control. buts its gon be aight.

Tha first step in handlin tha problem is admittin u got one right?
aight then...Step 2..


Friday, October 3, 2008

Jus bloggin..bloggin...yea baby we ballin like rawlins and spaulding

its tha 1st thursday in about a month that im actually sober. Im pretty proud of myself cuz even my homeboys offered me a drink but i was like naw fuk dat. Smoked my last black today..gave tha rest of tha pak to my homeboy cuz i dont need it..swear i can already feel my lungs sayin wtf to my dumbass..Im chillin tho.
Fukkin state fair this weekend and errybody n they mama goin except me. Im pissed but my broke ass need some money cuz im strugglin 4 real. i got 3 dollas to my name..that aint wat that is.
Still trynna find my way out this bitch. erryday i hate W.F more and more. Dead ass im not happy. and i front like im cool and shit but im not. i cant myself thinkin bout my gramps and my auntie and the rest of my kinfolks damn near cryin...Dnt get it twisted i aint no bitch but that shit hurts. I miss my fam.


I guess im out this hoe..i aint even sleepy. FUCK insomnia


Im somewhat of a loner, not on purpose its just my nature and I feel like that theres less potential for drama keepin a very small circle and not even goin to deep with them. But Im still human*, and sometimes I get lonely, but I started noticin that its always after Ive been hanging out with people that I get these weirds feelings and just feel like I dont belong. Its confusin to me cuz the people I do hang around say Im a cool person and they enjoy bein around me and all that shit, but I just feel like I dont relate to people for some reason. I dont know, its hard to explain because the feeling really doesnt make sense to me. I really wish I could be a more sociable person but the shit just aint in me. My patience is fucked up and I dont trust people, so even when I do have niggas I keep em on the edge. I dont even wanna get into my relationships with females cuz that shit is another entry. But thats pretty much it, it is what it is. Im a mutherfuckin human with an asterik.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sorry?....I guess

Its a few people mad at me right now, I aint do shit but be completely honest with them so I'm chillin. I dont think theres one person that I couldnt deal with them being mad/pissed/upset with or hating me. I dont lose sleep at night over people, I have to have a problem with God and something he doesnt like in my life before I cant sleep. Everything else is extraneous to me. I dont mean this in a mean way either, cuz Id like to be cool with everyone but thats not possible when people trip with you for telling the truth, so its whatever. While yall mad, Ill be counting sheep.


Trill O'Reilly-Nin-Huey Freeman-Ad HomiNin-NINtendo

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Unstable Creatures pt 2 1/2 n some otha shit

They call me master splinter cuz i stick this wood in yo chick....

Its been a long ass day. Shit a long ass weekend. Jus a real quick add to wat kinfolk said bout these "unstable creatures" (personally i think he bein to nice). Yall muh fukkas is crazy. just in tha past weekend ive had a fair shair of fake females who wanna talk one day and then hit tha club and act like they dont kno u, to females who jus crazy. lol real shit....This is my philosophy on females. You might agree with it u might not either way i dont give a fuck this my blog deal wit it.
There are two types of the opposite gender: Bitches, and females. Me and nin have had this convo several times. I call a female a bitch cuz i dont trust em. not one. except my mama and even she questionable. A bitch is a female who doesnt kno how to act or present herself. A female that lies and plays games tha same way yall say us niggas do. So now u ask when does a bitch become a female? A bitch becomes a female when she carries herself as a respectable woman. A woman that can be real with a nigga that dont act in front of her friends that dont trip on bullshit. A woman that gives tha rest of these women a good name. This is tha difference between a Bitch and a Woman.

Its my opinion...fuk wat u think.

Movin on..(i got alot to catch up on a been gone a minute).
I dont like my position in life. I think im slightly depressed which isnt good. i started smokin and i need to quit that shit b4 it becomes a bad ass habit. and im in one of them fukkin truth commercials singin bout y smokin is bad. I think about everything i wanna do in my life and im not even fukkin close to that direction. Everyday i come up with new idea or song or just something that i want and then i think of what i can do to get there...and then i think of where i am. The middle of north (nawf) texas wichita fallz to be exact. Theres nothing for me here. ppl who come here get fukkin stuck cuz this city is a dead end. theres no careers here. theres jus jobs. and i hate that shit. i need to move. i NEED to get outta here. its hard cuz my family here...gma gpa and my auntie all buried here. but they would understand right? itd be for them. for tha family name. make them proud. im tha last one left...its a scary ass thought cuz its like damn. if i fail tha whole family fails..but i cant and wont fail. i think about how my gpa always told me i was gon do big things. and that nothing could stop me. i need his words of encouragement now to tell me where to go cuz im so fukkn lost its rediculous.
Let me quit while im ahead. ill type a fukkin 12 page essay on this bitch if i dont stop now.
pray 4 me yall...cuz ima need all tha help i can get.
Master Splinter

Monday, September 29, 2008


Splinter's Favorite rapper, one of my favorites and both of our favorite boxer, DANKKK.

I'm not going to use the b-word, I'll just call yall unstable creatures...Pt. 2

Yall killin me. Over the past two days I've witnessed and unforunately been subject to some of the dumbest shit ever. In my opinion there is nothing like a woman on earth, nothing more beautiful and nothing more powerful, but I swear a dumb simple minded female makes me wonder about my last statement. People, just say whats on your minds, I dont believe there are consequences in life, just results, when you go into an action youre aware of the possible results and you have to be prepared for the results but man I'm talking about simple shit right now, not life and death situations. Say what you gotta say and whatever happens happens. I'm tired of people playing games when situations can be figured out or resolved with a 5 minute convo, DigDug what im sayin? I'm done...for now, I seem to have fallen into the twilight zone of simple women so I'm sure this saga will cont'.

"Act your age, not your shoe size, maybe we can rule the world"

Trill O'Reilly-Nin-Huey Freeman-Ad HomiNin
Splinter, can i get an Amen?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

When I'm gone, the whole city miss me....

And I miss the whole city. I aint never been homesick before but then again I aint never been away from the Funk for more than a couple weeks. I'm missin my city today, its not even really about people or even my family, I just miss the Funk, the atmosphere. I dont know, only way I can really explain it is that its home, ya know how it is, u know all the spots at home and u got your places. Ill be back Friday Funky Town.

And they say Funk City, I'm comin home again....

35ozNin-Trill O'Reilly-Huey Freeman

Friday, September 26, 2008

Nothin really...

Yeah, this post aint bout nothin. I'm chillin, its Friday, I'm feeling good feeling great, ya feel me lol. Finna hit the club in a lil bit, make some money, party, maybe get a lil throwed, we'll see. I'm findin my zone again, I been off kilter but I'm slidin back into the groove, Im here beitch.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm not going to use the b-word, i'll just call yall unstable creatures...

Women, wtf? I probably will never understand yall or why yall do some of the things yall do. How can you get mad at me for honestly answering a question you asked? If you dont want my opinion, dont ask me, dumbass. And i'm done. I still love all yall.....just hate the dumb shit yall do.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My life is off balance, literally and figuratively. Im not happy, I really dont think I'll ever been content with life. When I first got to college I felt good, so damn good, it was like I left all my bullshit back in the funk, and I was startin with a clean slate, still Im discontented. Now I'm in my 5th week and back on my bullshit, I feel like I'm strapped down and iont like that shit. Like I aint even really hollered at no females since I been here cuz I dont want to deal with no type of commitments or obligations. I spend more time on this damn computer trying to get high off music than I do anything else. Music is my way out but shit its like I cant even buzz sometimes. I want to get out and meet people and all that shit but people seem fake to me and I feel like the more people I know the more chances I have to end up in drama and bullshit. I dead ass dont like being bothered. I sleep too damn much too, well really thats just been this week but whutever. I told Splinter earlier if i could freestyle for 15 minutes a day id never be stressed. that shit is just me gettin it all off top, When I was home I was always drivin so id rap whenever I was in the car now I barely drive so its like the shit jus builds up. I sound like a bitch right now. Fuck all this shit. fuck all the talkin shit, fuck the world

"Thats what you said I damn am???"

hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaah *breath* hahhahahahahahhahahahahahaahhaahahhah lmfao

I went blind, woke up in front of a mic stand.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Ambitions As A Blogger

My fukkn computer is broken so my future posts will be limited....Technology is a bitch. Fuk cant everything jus work like its sposed to?
Anyway in light of my computer bein broke ima do summn. (which tha otha nigga that owns this page should do as well) My english teacher got me doin this assigmnent to write down 5 sentances of anything u think, feel, react to whatever for 7 days.
but ima flip tha shit and take it past seven days and do it every day. itll be the perfect way to get my writin up and itll take tha place of my blogging until i get muh shit fixed. so we'll c how that works and if tha shits good enough ill end up puttin in on tha blog..dig it?

I cant deny it ima straight blogger u dont wanna fuk wit meeeee
haha aight im done...
2s like a emmitt smith jersey

The fuggg?

Wow, I guess last night was wake Nin up for no gotdamn reason night. This female that I don't even fuck with like that texted me at 3 this mornin. Now yall prolly thinkin it was an important msg or a booty call(lmfao noooo), but no. The msg said "_government name_" I read the shit like bitch fa real. Why the fuck would u send somebody a gotdamn text msg at 3am with just they fuckin name in it. Stewwwpiddddddddddd. Then my mama hit me jus spazzin. I been in college bout a month and she mad cuz I rarely call n shit....Mama at 4, 5am I dont give a damn bout nothin but my pillow. I hate dumb shit. I really do. Next time I'm gone out my head both them gone get phone calls.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mo City Don

25 Lighter - Z-Ro

Go pick up "Crack"

Is Anything I Do Brand New?

I dont know why but in my mind Ive been viewing life as a sort of prequel to something better over the past few years. Its like everything I'm doing now is just the appetizer before the entree. Essentially thats what life is, a prequel before heaven or hell, but the mindset I'm talking bout right now is that something big is comin later down the line in life or another life. Its hard to articulate this feeling cuz its a weird feeling and honestly makes no sense to me. Its like everything I dont like about my life right now are just temporary things, in my mind, but in reality some shit will never change. Ill probably be back on this subject when I find the words....

Saturday, September 20, 2008


and we're back

Friday, September 19, 2008


Bloggin on lean/ might flip my damn screen/ finna get some what? cream/ hit the in dash dvd n switch scenes/ MANNNN

This is your blog on drank

got that jelly, lets have a jam session.

pt 2

its this damn necklace man. its fuckin with me. i used to wear it to remember you, then the more i remembered, the negative things began to pop up more, and i bengan to began create a rift between us in my mind. eventually it got to the point where i forgot all the good and jus remembered the bad, then the chain was just a chain. i put it on today for no reason, just threw it on not thinking, now i dont think i can take it sure theres more, ill be back.

You know...

I love yall. I'm sorry, as I been gettin older yall haven't been on my mind like yall used to. I wonder sometimes why I dont miss yall, but thats my own fault. I had to convince myself I didnt to deal with it. You. I was wrong, but you were to. That doesnt change who you were and what you were to me, I miss you. I love you. Im always gone have feelings about some of your actions but I cant control that. Ive let the feelings that I have towards you come into my relationships with the people currently in my life and Ive hurt a lot of people and pushed people away because of that, for what? I was holding a grudge and did not realize until now. I put your chain on today and I had to think about why I wear it and why I used to wear it. To everybody, Im sorry, I was hurt and didnt know what to do. You. I love you and I hope youre proud of me. I got a lot more to do. Taz, i know you laughin at me, I need your advice a lot, it would keep out of some of this shit. I hope we all end up together on the right side. Im sorry, I miss yall and I love yall. One day.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

A "bitchin" post

Bitch. Biatch. Bietch. Batch. Betch. Biznitch. Biznatch. Bidge. Botch. Bootch. Beitch. Beetch. Beotch. Biotch. Beeyotch. Biggedy Bidge. Biditch. Bidetch. Bidotch. Bidatch. Beotchie...etc

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Me

but what does that mean?

You are....

Nice poem.....u little reality bitch, lmao, naw that shit was nice Sir Splinter....Matter of fact that shit SAVAGE.


I am...

I am the master of my future 
But a bitch to reality
The idol of my worse enemy
Which in fact is me
The reason why i wont succeed
The reason why i cant fail by any means.
The only thing stopping me from my DREAMS
The only person that can make me believe
The last of a dying breed.
But tha first of a dynasty
I am Master Splinter
I am 35 oz

No Bitchassness (sorry diddy)

So im sittin here..Lord knows i should be study..but tha test aint till thursday and i got all day tomorrow. Mentality still on that high skool shit..gotdamn me. 

Anyway i digress. Im startin to get to tha point where i literally hate ppl. If idk you fuck you is my current mind state. Why? you ask. because im tired of bitchassness in tha world. Im completely bitin diddy campaign right now (no homo) but fuk him this my blog. If you a bitch ass nigga you should kill yoself. Theres a current situation on where I cant even trust one of my close ass friends. and he been my dude for a minute (pause) and i never expected him to pull some hoe shit like dis. wats so bad about it is it wasnt even towards me. like tha shit dont even effect me. its jus tha principle of that matter that if he would do tha shit to another close friend he would do it to me. so i say fuk em. he my bro but hes been reduced to bitch ass status. 

Anotha case of severe bitchassness is when a female is mad at a dude cuz they doin summn they dont like, such as talkin to another female even tho u and her dont talk, and they start lyin. Get tha fuk outta here thats kid shit. if u mad its cuz u slackin. same for dudes tho. dont pull no hoe shit n start lyin on a female cuz they doin they thing. quit slackin on yo pimpin and move on. 

35oz IS THA CURE. 

fuck wit us or get fucked up

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i'm detox so this'll have to do

To Tha X-Treme - Devin The Dude

System Overload

Today started off as a good ass day, man, like didnt nothin bad happen, it was nice outside and everything but shit jus keep sittin on my mind. A lot of different feelings and thoughts jus been weighin on me, i'm thinkin thru em but I jus dont know why 0r where they all comin from. Iont kno, I'm chillin...

what am i doing?

Ever since I started high school I've had this feelin in my stomach that time was runnin away from me, not cuz I was growin up but cuz I have a purpose in life and a small window that I have to achieve my purpose in. I went through high school with that feeling constantly pokin at me and I walked across the stage at graduation, achieving what, unfortunately, alotta black males dont but still I felt empty, like so what, big deal, I still havent done shit. Understand that that is not on some cocky arrogant shit, but just that I know my purpose in life and that I hadnt done anything to move towards it at that point so the shit wasnt a big deal to me. So now I'm at college, one of the best schools in Texas and America, but still I'm not happy. God's been so good to me, but he made me, he made me like this so he knows this aint what I want, he knows the hunger thats in me for more. I just wanna do my music but the fear of failing keeps me here in school gettin a degree I could honestly give two shits and a handshake about, why? "cuz you gotta have a back up plan" But I dont plan on failing so why do I need a back up plan. I've had a lot of dreams and (admittedly) stupid ideas in the past that I look back on like "wow, wtf was I thinkin, that was a terrible idea or desire" and because of that I look at my current dreams or plans for the future and say to myself, "20 years from now what am I going to think and feel about this?" When I apply music to that question, I dont see myself having any regrets. God gave me this and I know it, I can change things with this. So what am I doing? I'm here, feeling trapped, again, waitin for somethin to happen. But its on me now to MAKE somethin happen. God, take my fears away from me and help me to step off the ledge and know that you won't let me fall...

35oz, We are not a movement, We are an infection.
Hip-Hop Insurgents

God, I'm ready, I'm takin the first step, Walk with me.

Well shit, i had to, then i had to again

Like an electric eel

I fux with the original somethin serious but then I heard the Justice Remix and it was over. Both groups are nice wid it. Justice is ignint on the remixes.


The Bar Exam II-Royce da 5'9
And Then They Played Dilla-Charles Hamilton
Dank as Fuck-Tuesday

Monday, September 15, 2008

the bidness the the the bidness lmfao

If by some wave of God's grace...

that I meet Kanye West in the next two months.....

These women want the key to my heart but i jus give em the penal code/
love lockdown, solitary confinement, its not u, its timin'/
i gotta do my time, but a conjugal visit might lift my spirits/
like a seance,what that do?, i'm jus playin, naw really i'm jus sayin/
like goku, all that we go thru, u know i'm not stayin/
gotta dash from my dame to make these def jams/
wheres the finish line? whats the bottom line/
you lose, you lose/
i'm not lovin u, way u want me to/
but i'm lovin me, way you want me to/
do you, do you/
system overload, i gotta carry on like baggage/
but youre not part of the package/
u drop tears but i catch the red eye/
u take the L but i stay high/
next time keep ya love locked down n swallow the key like u tryna OD/

I know nobody reads this blog yet but if i hear my verse somewhere on some shit, im fuckin shit up, "when i come to work i jus like to fuck shit up" so dont step, brother.

Trill O'Reilly
Nin :-)cheese

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long ass day..

I fuk wit this song. shits been in my head lately. theres been alotta hate on my dude (pause) cuz of it but cant nobody fuk wit kanye. he gon show his ass on this next cd.
Anyway this bitch Music has been slappin tha fuck out me today. seem like ive had multiple signs all day like i need to get back on my music shit. i aint been writin like i used to and its bitin me in tha ass cuz Lord knows i need to be. I think God trynna tell me that my chance is commin and i need to be ready 4 it..cuz ive had this happen to me before. When God shows you something you got to take advantage of it and learn how to utilize it. So i gotta figure out wat to do, or wat i need to do to get this music shit off tha ground. cuz it has to happen.

I been through way to much for this to be it for me. Im too excited about wat tha future holds and im havent even focused on the right now.
so idk. alot on my mind and not enough blog to let it out.

The Master Has Spoken

I can ride my bike with no handle bars..

Rise - Flobots

The first time I heard handle bars I thought it was dope, did a lil research on The Flobots and got into their music and they come with some retarded shit, straight eli porter i deed it shit.

Flobots-Handlebars - Flobots

"Hey hey, what do you say?, tell me have you ever..."

Cant Make It Home - Devin The Dude

One of my favorite artists out my state of TX. Give a fug what anybody says, u r not fucking with this man's hooks.