Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chi City

umm yeah i need to get to Chicago ASAP. For like the last 6 months I been fiendin to get out there. Just somethin about the city has been appealing to me of late. I'm going to try to fly out before school starts back up.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Friday, June 26, 2009

Buzzer beater

Busy, busy. Been workin and savin money and trying to position myself for this journey. I keep hitting obstacles but i'm not worried. I'm not on the clock and it all will work out in due time. I'll be on more often from now on. Here's something i wrote today. Peace. 35ozNin over and out.

I am the general of this jaded generation. Wonder and awe are not in our repertoire because we've seen it all, done it all. There is nothing new under the sun because we believe we fathered the first go. Never wet behind the ears because the pools of imagination were shut down long ago. We stand behind the gates, gripping the diamond pattern fences trying to remember what we never had, living off word of mouth. THIS YOUR CALL TO ARMS. It is time to mobilize. We do not have to remember what was or wonder what could be. Wipe the sleepers from your third eye and realize we are Armed and Dangerous. The outcome of this tour de life is in your hands, or your minds rather. A mustard seed of faith is all that is necessary to join this company. The tour of duty of encompasses every crease of gray matter across the globe. A-alikes connect like constellations to revive dreams and hope, because we are the imagiNation's insurgents. Warring for peace of mind, rebels with just cause. Our battlefields are mental planes, pen pads, sketch books, stages, city streets, etc. The world is the canvas where we spread propaganda for our renegade agenda. Our enemy is apathy and our ally is passion. Keep conformity in your crosshairs. Track Despondency closely, as he will try to seduce you. Even in full uniform we will never fatigue. Its a war of attrition and we won't quit until all of Doubt's troops lay lifeless. TAKE OFF YOUR COOL AND LACE UP YOUR SOULS. RECITE THE CREED AND JOIN ME ON THE FRONTLINE...