Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Unstable Creatures pt 2 1/2 n some otha shit

They call me master splinter cuz i stick this wood in yo chick....

Its been a long ass day. Shit a long ass weekend. Jus a real quick add to wat kinfolk said bout these "unstable creatures" (personally i think he bein to nice). Yall muh fukkas is crazy. just in tha past weekend ive had a fair shair of fake females who wanna talk one day and then hit tha club and act like they dont kno u, to females who jus crazy. lol real shit....This is my philosophy on females. You might agree with it u might not either way i dont give a fuck this my blog deal wit it.
There are two types of the opposite gender: Bitches, and females. Me and nin have had this convo several times. I call a female a bitch cuz i dont trust em. not one. except my mama and even she questionable. A bitch is a female who doesnt kno how to act or present herself. A female that lies and plays games tha same way yall say us niggas do. So now u ask when does a bitch become a female? A bitch becomes a female when she carries herself as a respectable woman. A woman that can be real with a nigga that dont act in front of her friends that dont trip on bullshit. A woman that gives tha rest of these women a good name. This is tha difference between a Bitch and a Woman.

Its my opinion...fuk wat u think.

Movin on..(i got alot to catch up on a been gone a minute).
I dont like my position in life. I think im slightly depressed which isnt good. i started smokin and i need to quit that shit b4 it becomes a bad ass habit. and im in one of them fukkin truth commercials singin bout y smokin is bad. I think about everything i wanna do in my life and im not even fukkin close to that direction. Everyday i come up with new idea or song or just something that i want and then i think of what i can do to get there...and then i think of where i am. The middle of north (nawf) texas wichita fallz to be exact. Theres nothing for me here. ppl who come here get fukkin stuck cuz this city is a dead end. theres no careers here. theres jus jobs. and i hate that shit. i need to move. i NEED to get outta here. its hard cuz my family here...gma gpa and my auntie all buried here. but they would understand right? itd be for them. for tha family name. make them proud. im tha last one left...its a scary ass thought cuz its like damn. if i fail tha whole family fails..but i cant and wont fail. i think about how my gpa always told me i was gon do big things. and that nothing could stop me. i need his words of encouragement now to tell me where to go cuz im so fukkn lost its rediculous.
Let me quit while im ahead. ill type a fukkin 12 page essay on this bitch if i dont stop now.
pray 4 me yall...cuz ima need all tha help i can get.
Master Splinter

Monday, September 29, 2008


Splinter's Favorite rapper, one of my favorites and both of our favorite boxer, DANKKK.

I'm not going to use the b-word, I'll just call yall unstable creatures...Pt. 2

Yall killin me. Over the past two days I've witnessed and unforunately been subject to some of the dumbest shit ever. In my opinion there is nothing like a woman on earth, nothing more beautiful and nothing more powerful, but I swear a dumb simple minded female makes me wonder about my last statement. People, just say whats on your minds, I dont believe there are consequences in life, just results, when you go into an action youre aware of the possible results and you have to be prepared for the results but man I'm talking about simple shit right now, not life and death situations. Say what you gotta say and whatever happens happens. I'm tired of people playing games when situations can be figured out or resolved with a 5 minute convo, DigDug what im sayin? I'm done...for now, I seem to have fallen into the twilight zone of simple women so I'm sure this saga will cont'.

"Act your age, not your shoe size, maybe we can rule the world"

Trill O'Reilly-Nin-Huey Freeman-Ad HomiNin
Splinter, can i get an Amen?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

When I'm gone, the whole city miss me....

And I miss the whole city. I aint never been homesick before but then again I aint never been away from the Funk for more than a couple weeks. I'm missin my city today, its not even really about people or even my family, I just miss the Funk, the atmosphere. I dont know, only way I can really explain it is that its home, ya know how it is, u know all the spots at home and u got your places. Ill be back Friday Funky Town.

And they say Funk City, I'm comin home again....

35ozNin-Trill O'Reilly-Huey Freeman

Friday, September 26, 2008

Nothin really...

Yeah, this post aint bout nothin. I'm chillin, its Friday, I'm feeling good feeling great, ya feel me lol. Finna hit the club in a lil bit, make some money, party, maybe get a lil throwed, we'll see. I'm findin my zone again, I been off kilter but I'm slidin back into the groove, Im here beitch.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm not going to use the b-word, i'll just call yall unstable creatures...

Women, wtf? I probably will never understand yall or why yall do some of the things yall do. How can you get mad at me for honestly answering a question you asked? If you dont want my opinion, dont ask me, dumbass. And i'm done. I still love all yall.....just hate the dumb shit yall do.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My life is off balance, literally and figuratively. Im not happy, I really dont think I'll ever been content with life. When I first got to college I felt good, so damn good, it was like I left all my bullshit back in the funk, and I was startin with a clean slate, still Im discontented. Now I'm in my 5th week and back on my bullshit, I feel like I'm strapped down and iont like that shit. Like I aint even really hollered at no females since I been here cuz I dont want to deal with no type of commitments or obligations. I spend more time on this damn computer trying to get high off music than I do anything else. Music is my way out but shit its like I cant even buzz sometimes. I want to get out and meet people and all that shit but people seem fake to me and I feel like the more people I know the more chances I have to end up in drama and bullshit. I dead ass dont like being bothered. I sleep too damn much too, well really thats just been this week but whutever. I told Splinter earlier if i could freestyle for 15 minutes a day id never be stressed. that shit is just me gettin it all off top, When I was home I was always drivin so id rap whenever I was in the car now I barely drive so its like the shit jus builds up. I sound like a bitch right now. Fuck all this shit. fuck all the talkin shit, fuck the world

"Thats what you said I damn am???"

hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaah *breath* hahhahahahahahhahahahahahaahhaahahhah lmfao

I went blind, woke up in front of a mic stand.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Ambitions As A Blogger

My fukkn computer is broken so my future posts will be limited....Technology is a bitch. Fuk cant everything jus work like its sposed to?
Anyway in light of my computer bein broke ima do summn. (which tha otha nigga that owns this page should do as well) My english teacher got me doin this assigmnent to write down 5 sentances of anything u think, feel, react to whatever for 7 days.
but ima flip tha shit and take it past seven days and do it every day. itll be the perfect way to get my writin up and itll take tha place of my blogging until i get muh shit fixed. so we'll c how that works and if tha shits good enough ill end up puttin in on tha blog..dig it?

I cant deny it ima straight blogger u dont wanna fuk wit meeeee
haha aight im done...
2s like a emmitt smith jersey

The fuggg?

Wow, I guess last night was wake Nin up for no gotdamn reason night. This female that I don't even fuck with like that texted me at 3 this mornin. Now yall prolly thinkin it was an important msg or a booty call(lmfao noooo), but no. The msg said "_government name_" I read the shit like bitch fa real. Why the fuck would u send somebody a gotdamn text msg at 3am with just they fuckin name in it. Stewwwpiddddddddddd. Then my mama hit me jus spazzin. I been in college bout a month and she mad cuz I rarely call n shit....Mama at 4, 5am I dont give a damn bout nothin but my pillow. I hate dumb shit. I really do. Next time I'm gone out my head both them gone get phone calls.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mo City Don

25 Lighter - Z-Ro

Go pick up "Crack"

Is Anything I Do Brand New?

I dont know why but in my mind Ive been viewing life as a sort of prequel to something better over the past few years. Its like everything I'm doing now is just the appetizer before the entree. Essentially thats what life is, a prequel before heaven or hell, but the mindset I'm talking bout right now is that something big is comin later down the line in life or another life. Its hard to articulate this feeling cuz its a weird feeling and honestly makes no sense to me. Its like everything I dont like about my life right now are just temporary things, in my mind, but in reality some shit will never change. Ill probably be back on this subject when I find the words....

Saturday, September 20, 2008


and we're back

Friday, September 19, 2008


Bloggin on lean/ might flip my damn screen/ finna get some what? cream/ hit the in dash dvd n switch scenes/ MANNNN

This is your blog on drank

got that jelly, lets have a jam session.

pt 2

its this damn necklace man. its fuckin with me. i used to wear it to remember you, then the more i remembered, the negative things began to pop up more, and i bengan to began create a rift between us in my mind. eventually it got to the point where i forgot all the good and jus remembered the bad, then the chain was just a chain. i put it on today for no reason, just threw it on not thinking, now i dont think i can take it off...im sure theres more, ill be back.

You know...

I love yall. I'm sorry, as I been gettin older yall haven't been on my mind like yall used to. I wonder sometimes why I dont miss yall, but thats my own fault. I had to convince myself I didnt to deal with it. You. I was wrong, but you were to. That doesnt change who you were and what you were to me, I miss you. I love you. Im always gone have feelings about some of your actions but I cant control that. Ive let the feelings that I have towards you come into my relationships with the people currently in my life and Ive hurt a lot of people and pushed people away because of that, for what? I was holding a grudge and did not realize until now. I put your chain on today and I had to think about why I wear it and why I used to wear it. To everybody, Im sorry, I was hurt and didnt know what to do. You. I love you and I hope youre proud of me. I got a lot more to do. Taz, i know you laughin at me, I need your advice a lot, it would keep out of some of this shit. I hope we all end up together on the right side. Im sorry, I miss yall and I love yall. One day.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

A "bitchin" post

Bitch. Biatch. Bietch. Batch. Betch. Biznitch. Biznatch. Bidge. Botch. Bootch. Beitch. Beetch. Beotch. Biotch. Beeyotch. Biggedy Bidge. Biditch. Bidetch. Bidotch. Bidatch. Beotchie...etc

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Me

but what does that mean?

You are....

Nice poem.....u little reality bitch, lmao, naw that shit was nice Sir Splinter....Matter of fact that shit SAVAGE.


I am...

I am the master of my future 
But a bitch to reality
The idol of my worse enemy
Which in fact is me
The reason why i wont succeed
The reason why i cant fail by any means.
The only thing stopping me from my DREAMS
The only person that can make me believe
The last of a dying breed.
But tha first of a dynasty
I am Master Splinter
I am 35 oz

No Bitchassness (sorry diddy)

So im sittin here..Lord knows i should be study..but tha test aint till thursday and i got all day tomorrow. Mentality still on that high skool shit..gotdamn me. 

Anyway i digress. Im startin to get to tha point where i literally hate ppl. If idk you fuck you is my current mind state. Why? you ask. because im tired of bitchassness in tha world. Im completely bitin diddy campaign right now (no homo) but fuk him this my blog. If you a bitch ass nigga you should kill yoself. Theres a current situation on where I cant even trust one of my close ass friends. and he been my dude for a minute (pause) and i never expected him to pull some hoe shit like dis. wats so bad about it is it wasnt even towards me. like tha shit dont even effect me. its jus tha principle of that matter that if he would do tha shit to another close friend he would do it to me. so i say fuk em. he my bro but hes been reduced to bitch ass status. 

Anotha case of severe bitchassness is when a female is mad at a dude cuz they doin summn they dont like, such as talkin to another female even tho u and her dont talk, and they start lyin. Get tha fuk outta here thats kid shit. if u mad its cuz u slackin. same for dudes tho. dont pull no hoe shit n start lyin on a female cuz they doin they thing. quit slackin on yo pimpin and move on. 

35oz IS THA CURE. 

fuck wit us or get fucked up

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i'm detox so this'll have to do

To Tha X-Treme - Devin The Dude

System Overload

Today started off as a good ass day, man, like didnt nothin bad happen, it was nice outside and everything but shit jus keep sittin on my mind. A lot of different feelings and thoughts jus been weighin on me, i'm thinkin thru em but I jus dont know why 0r where they all comin from. Iont kno, I'm chillin...

what am i doing?

Ever since I started high school I've had this feelin in my stomach that time was runnin away from me, not cuz I was growin up but cuz I have a purpose in life and a small window that I have to achieve my purpose in. I went through high school with that feeling constantly pokin at me and I walked across the stage at graduation, achieving what, unfortunately, alotta black males dont but still I felt empty, like so what, big deal, I still havent done shit. Understand that that is not on some cocky arrogant shit, but just that I know my purpose in life and that I hadnt done anything to move towards it at that point so the shit wasnt a big deal to me. So now I'm at college, one of the best schools in Texas and America, but still I'm not happy. God's been so good to me, but he made me, he made me like this so he knows this aint what I want, he knows the hunger thats in me for more. I just wanna do my music but the fear of failing keeps me here in school gettin a degree I could honestly give two shits and a handshake about, why? "cuz you gotta have a back up plan" But I dont plan on failing so why do I need a back up plan. I've had a lot of dreams and (admittedly) stupid ideas in the past that I look back on like "wow, wtf was I thinkin, that was a terrible idea or desire" and because of that I look at my current dreams or plans for the future and say to myself, "20 years from now what am I going to think and feel about this?" When I apply music to that question, I dont see myself having any regrets. God gave me this and I know it, I can change things with this. So what am I doing? I'm here, feeling trapped, again, waitin for somethin to happen. But its on me now to MAKE somethin happen. God, take my fears away from me and help me to step off the ledge and know that you won't let me fall...

35oz, We are not a movement, We are an infection.
Hip-Hop Insurgents

God, I'm ready, I'm takin the first step, Walk with me.

Well shit, i had to, then i had to again

Like an electric eel

I fux with the original somethin serious but then I heard the Justice Remix and it was over. Both groups are nice wid it. Justice is ignint on the remixes.


The Bar Exam II-Royce da 5'9
And Then They Played Dilla-Charles Hamilton
Dank as Fuck-Tuesday

Monday, September 15, 2008

the bidness the the the bidness lmfao

If by some wave of God's grace...

that I meet Kanye West in the next two months.....

These women want the key to my heart but i jus give em the penal code/
love lockdown, solitary confinement, its not u, its timin'/
i gotta do my time, but a conjugal visit might lift my spirits/
like a seance,what that do?, i'm jus playin, naw really i'm jus sayin/
like goku, all that we go thru, u know i'm not stayin/
gotta dash from my dame to make these def jams/
wheres the finish line? whats the bottom line/
you lose, you lose/
i'm not lovin u, way u want me to/
but i'm lovin me, way you want me to/
do you, do you/
system overload, i gotta carry on like baggage/
but youre not part of the package/
u drop tears but i catch the red eye/
u take the L but i stay high/
next time keep ya love locked down n swallow the key like u tryna OD/

I know nobody reads this blog yet but if i hear my verse somewhere on some shit, im fuckin shit up, "when i come to work i jus like to fuck shit up" so dont step, brother.

Trill O'Reilly
Nin :-)cheese

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long ass day..

I fuk wit this song. shits been in my head lately. theres been alotta hate on my dude (pause) cuz of it but cant nobody fuk wit kanye. he gon show his ass on this next cd.
Anyway this bitch Music has been slappin tha fuck out me today. seem like ive had multiple signs all day like i need to get back on my music shit. i aint been writin like i used to and its bitin me in tha ass cuz Lord knows i need to be. I think God trynna tell me that my chance is commin and i need to be ready 4 it..cuz ive had this happen to me before. When God shows you something you got to take advantage of it and learn how to utilize it. So i gotta figure out wat to do, or wat i need to do to get this music shit off tha ground. cuz it has to happen.

I been through way to much for this to be it for me. Im too excited about wat tha future holds and im havent even focused on the right now.
so idk. alot on my mind and not enough blog to let it out.

The Master Has Spoken

I can ride my bike with no handle bars..

Rise - Flobots

The first time I heard handle bars I thought it was dope, did a lil research on The Flobots and got into their music and they come with some retarded shit, straight eli porter i deed it shit.

Flobots-Handlebars - Flobots

"Hey hey, what do you say?, tell me have you ever..."

Cant Make It Home - Devin The Dude

One of my favorite artists out my state of TX. Give a fug what anybody says, u r not fucking with this man's hooks.

Time For A Change....Again

On my Barack Obama/Cirack Ovodka shit. Its 4 in tha mornin and im jus gettin home..This is pretty much wat my weekend has consisted of : sex alcohol and parties.

On tha real b4 skool started i was straight. trynna chill out on all dat bullshit and hop on my grown man status. Partyin every once in a while, chill out on fukkin wit different females and jus fuk wit one, stop stayin out all fukkin nite. But i noticed recently i slipped back into tha party lifestyle and i hate it. dont get me wrong i like partyin n shit as much as tha next dude but goin out thurs-sun aint gon work much longer. Im still on this high school mentality that ima be able to bullshit through school and not do shit and still maintain good grades. Im trynna create a college life and meet new ppl and shit but im barely studyin, barely hittin tha books. This shit needs to stop.

I guess u can call it self-intervention. Master Splinter vs Splint Eastwood. Split personalities can be a bitch but everybody has em. Its jus a matter of controllin em.

Im thinkin to much and its too late 4 this shit so im out. Gotta get that cheezy bread money in tha morning. Fuk work and all that is labor..

outtie 5000

Welcome to the family

I left the left and picked up the right like a crip doin a 180 in life. yeah so i knocked off the olympic ones this mornin, theyre beautiful lol. naw but they fresh tho. so i say welcome to the footwear family tree

Saturday, September 13, 2008

T-pain, how does roger's ass taste?

lmfao i keed i keed, t-pain does his shit too. jus showin the originators some love. this shit is ignint live.


I'm a very calm, chill type person but its just certain things that get me heated. Fake niggas doin fake shit is one of those sparks. Im not going to explain the whole story but I'll fast forward to the moral(s); keep other niggas names out your mouth- addressing someone like a "real nigga" is not about bein confrontational, its about solvin the problem, if it turns into a confrontation then so be it, handle it with hands and be done-women, don't sell yourself short. If a "man" doesnt respect you and puts his hands on you(pushes count, iont give a lovely fuck, i will fight any nigga anytime any place over puttin his hands on a woman) deuce him-bravado is worthless, don't live(or lose) your life for the opinions of other people- dont allow someone to disrespect you to your face and take it with a tight lip, if no one else watches your back, you have to. blah blah blah some more shit, this shit that this la la la started off thinkin, ended up bloggin......good ni..mornin.

Trill O'Reilly aka Nin aka AKaye
i'm on a 24hr bloggin diet, droppin words while i type, i suggest that u try it

okay im done.
im finna 86 myself like eric b is president

Friday, September 12, 2008

Momma, here come that man........

I'M BACK BIDGES!!!!! My computer been fugged up since sunday and i jus got it back, I'm happy as heaven. I aint realize how much i need this damn computer til i couldnt get on it. But neway i'm back to cure your withdrawals from the kilogrammar, so lets OD.

Trill O'Reilly

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just a sample...

ok hol up..give ya boy a second/ its about a month or two since i really wrecked it/  but i still always got rhymes on my mind/ dr. suess in tha brain...gotdamn hes insane/ its master splinter the teenage mutant/ yall fuk niggas get silly i get STUPID/ which means im not playin around wit yall kids/ u pussy boys hatin a fuck i dont give/ tha only thing i give is crack on wax/ that kilogrammer, dat shit dat make yo eyes roll bak

i said jus a sample...you dont get a full 16 yet. 
im bored out my mind. i think i mite write some shit. i was writin a verse everyday now im lucky if i write once a week.  im workin on it tho....

35oz ....
this isnt a movement its a fukkin infection. 

wait till bro spit...the blog will be destroyed..


Monday, September 8, 2008

Outkast - B.O.B (Bombs Over Baghdad) -

Best fukkin outkast song ever.....

im lookin for this instrumental for dinner


Sunday, September 7, 2008

And i dont need no title for this shiiiiit

Man it was an eventful weekend. Drank a few dranks, learned some new shit...Scratch dat. I got reminded of some old shit. Peep game...

Ima be on some forest gump shit real quick. Mama always told me when somebody show u they true self you believe it.  99.9% of tha time, tha way people act aint really how they is...So why tha fuk is ppl so fake? why cant errybody jus keep it real? is yo personality that fukkin ugly that u cant even be yoself? If thats tha case you should kill yoself. lmao naw but on tha real if thats tha situation than u need to make some changes in yo life cuz thats rediculous that u that insecure wit yoself u cant even be real.

Now no offense to females (if any females even read this hoe...shit if anybody reads this hoe period) but wats wrong wit yall 4 real. yall are tha most confusing creatures ever created. I think eve fukkd yall off when she took dat apple off tha tree in tha beginning. Anyway most tha females i kno are always like "man niggas is always playin games" and "why i cant neva find a decent nigga" and all dis bullshit. Fuk dat. Females be on tha same shit we do. They jus try to flip it and play innocent so they end up gettin away wit dat shit most tha time. Which is more bullshit. its stupid when a nigga is actually real wit a female only to find out tha bitch (no offense) was fakin yo ass tha whole time. which is why i dont trust females. 

anyway...i gues thats my rant 4 tha week. if u offended i said bitch im sorry..i guess. but then again this is my blog. so deal wit it .

Tha Master Has Spoken

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Is it hard to keep it 100? Is it hard to be real with everyone you deal with and cut off the people who don't do the same? Keepin it 100 aint jus about keepin it trill with the people around you, but keepin it true to yourself. If u keep it trill with yourself then doin it with other people should be 1st nature(not 2nd). A lot of niggas act like you gotta be out in the streets comittin crimes or bustin other niggas asses to be considered real or trill but that aint even what its bout. If you handle your business and aint out there stuntin, actin like something you not then u real nigga. All that tough flexin bravado is for the birds. The moral of todays story is be you, keep it real.

"My rep is impeccable like a woman with mono"-Wale

Signing my john hancock.
Trill O'Reilly-fuck what u think

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Awwww fuhckk"

I in no way, shape, or form endorse the putting of hands on women in any case but GOTDIIIEMN, this dude slapped the spray out her hair. "How can she slap?!!!??"

Its just one of those days..

You know those days where you wake up and everythings cool and then outta nowhere u jus like fuk everybody?? Today is mos def one of them days. Im on some limp bizkit- break stuff type shit rite now. (yea i used to fuk wit limp bizkit get over it). Its like everything thats been buggin me all week or been gettin on my nerves jus caught up wit me and its beatin my ass. i aint gon get into details cuz id end up takin up tha whole blog. anyway.....Insomnia is a bitch on her period. and this 9 o clock class in tha mornin is gon be tha same way. so i guess ima try to get some sleep.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I would catch some Zs....

but my wallet stuck on Gs...i wish. I'm tired as shit, bored as piss on the toilet seat. I need to be sleep but today was so demn borin' I probably won't sleep good. Class in the mornin, middle fingers up. That new charles hamilton tape dropped today and it was dank. koopa dropped last week n his shid was the dankness too, somebody gotta put out some good shit next week(II) to keep the trend goin. I aint talmbout nothin write now so lemme quit wastin yall time, styles p.(ghost, 4 u dial up brain ass nikkas)

Alow Me To Introduce Myself

Whats good its Master Splinter at your service personally welcoming you to Kilogrammar. As my bro said you have entered our world. Where only our opinion matters. You dont like what we post or what we have to say on a certain subject..um...we probably dont care.  But since the other negro on tha blog pretty much beat me to tha intro ill just leave yall wit this. 

Enough said....
Welcome to Kilogrammar


Good mornin'. We here. I'm Nin, he's Splinter(Splint Eastwood). Me+Him=35oz. This is our blog, really its our thought processes. You gon' see what makes us tic, how we think, why we move like we do, what we dig, and what we bury. Thats your introduction to KiloGrammar. Your first line of raw of is comin soon.