Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nigga really!? Big Girls editon

This nigga must be broke...

poor mike epps

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nigga Really? pt 1-Bitch IONT GIVE A FUCK edition

kim kardashian is prolly having sluttttt


I got a betch ass headache right now. Its jus the cap on a bunch of frustrations. I'm so tired of this shit man, i just wanna get the fuck outta here. Im just tryna make it to friday, this week goin quik, luckily. Im tryna figure shit out and still maintain what I'm doin but that shit is damn near impossible. Fuck it tho, it is what and is gone what its supposed to.

Ron O'Trill

Monday, October 27, 2008


I kinda fucked with Naledge before this BUT now I fucks with Naledge(pause), shits eli porter.

Under Construction

Life as i know it has been a little bit off lately. Shit at home wasnt right for a minute, tha whole school situation is still gettin to me, and a recent situation at tha club on saturday shook me up a lil bit. I realize sunday morning im doin too much. I went out saturday to tha club and jus stood there. Didnt dance didnt sip on nuttin didnt hop on no females nuttin. Jus stood there. You ever had a "room full of people but still feel alone" type feelings? yea dats wat it was. i really dont even know why i stayed the whole time. i guess i just didnt wanna be at tha crib. But i been bullshittin and bein lazy. like the college life hasnt kicked in on me yet. i dont study and I barely do homework. im doin enough to jus get by when i should be doing enough to bypass. i jus dont have tha desire i should. this shit doesnt appeal to me like it should. i been taught from birth go to college get your degree and make your money..and now im here and its not that easy. So im jus gonna chill. I need to get my priorites straight. School then money. then whatever else after that. all that club hoppin and drinkin n smokin shit is done. Failure isnt an option. Never has been and never will be. I was bred for excellence and nothing less. So its time to make shit happen. Its gonna take alot of will power and even more prayer, but i can do it..
Mr.Splinter aka The Master aka Splint Eastwood aka Splinty Mcveigh aka 1/2 Of Tha Kilo Kids

We got this bro. Fuck the bullshit lets get focused.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

wtf was I thinkin?....

bad decisions. never again. stand up. better.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i need a vacation...

im losin my fukkn mind on tha cool. i need to get outta here away from everybody jus chill by myself. my lifes on tilt right now. skool is not wat it is i fukkn hate skool. im startin to hate this damn house. i used to tell myself at 18 i wanted to be gone..fuk livin at tha crib. and im still here dealin wit dumb shit 4 no fukkn reason. next year im ghost. im not stayin in w.f another year im not stayin wit moms another year im dippin. and fuk lookin back.
i need to chill...remember my gpa used to always say tha right shit to calm me down. i need dat shit right now. anyway im bout to go to class n listen to this ol ass white dude talk for 2 hours about the economy and otha bullshit.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LMAO, yeah uh Karma is a BITCH

Watch what you do cuz the shit will come back, and come back HARD.(like crack) Im watchin some shit occur right now and its all the product of some bitchassness and the shit goin thru the cycle of karma. switch. Im laughin at yall, if u think we dont or we wouldnt ur wrong, so think before u press send. And I'm gone like that.

Nintendo-1/2 of the Kilo Kids-2/4 of Your brain on drugs

Monday, October 20, 2008

Human* After All

I'm a star chasin the night sky. Stuck in the influence of the sun I cant see my own worth, but in the dark I set the world on fire. A point in the midnight sky, the largest constellation, the world's dream catcher. I induce dreams and pave roads to the future...

just some thoughts. Incomplete thoughts.

"Ima quit beatin around the bush....."

yeah this song got double meanings for me, I dont forget some shit I wish I could at times. I'm TRippin.


Its a lot on my mind, I'm sure most of it will make its way onto here in some form or another durin the week. Im tryna chill and get ready for this week. I really gotta go hard this week, a lot goin on. Im try to change up couple of decisions I made on certain subjects and see how they go, iont really know what to expect but Im just gone play and see what the score lookin like. Well i got class in a few hours so ima try to catch some Zs and jump this monday off right.

35oz aka Tha Kilo Kids aka Last of the 80s babies aka '89 til infinity.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm at the bottom, nowhere to go but up. No choice but to go up. I perform when pressure is on, I got to learnt to perform when shits sweet too, not just when its sour.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shawty dont chop me, shawty dont screw me



my bad, been busy doing nothing so wasnt anything worth writing about. weekend was boring. monday was ok. comment. God's givin me peace bout this whole school situation and helpin me push thru it til its our time to takeover. so u lame types got a little more time, a "little" more time. we're comin so yall better be ready.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Its me and you, bro. Lets make our dreams reality, Stay up, Stay focused.

"Wide awake but a nigga livin your dreams out"-Drake


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well my bro pretty much said everything I was going to. Swear we got separated at birth...But man its just really tough right now because Ive been feeling like school isnt for me, in all honestly this has just been me setting up my safety net, I want to do music, not school or engineering. Im about to switch my major to business because that would be helpful in my music ventures. All I want to do is make music and influence peoples' ideas. I want to inspire people and change perspectives. I want people to be able to feel my exact emotion thru the words I say in a verse, man. God gave me a gift with words and I feel like I'm shunning his blessing by not using it to the best of my abilities. And God forgive me cuz I have been doubtin u, not on purpose just out of fear of failure, I'm sorry, Lord. I know thru You I can accomplish anything, I just have to jump and know that you will carry me on your wings. We're ready God. We are going to take over. 35oz, we are not a movement, we are an infection. Hip Hop Insurgents.

My trains on schedule...



Between my dreams and my future. On one hand i see this music shit blastin off into somethin huge. doin wat i love for a living makin music feedin tha world how i feel in musical form...Then on tha otha hand its school, gettin my degree and shit...I cant jus drop out. then all them years of skool was for nuttin. and ok if i were to drop out wat if this music shit dnt work like i want it to. what if im misunderstanding Gods plan for me...If anybody in tha world right now could make this music shit happen its us. me and my brotha. we share tha same ideas its fukkn crazy cuz we not even blood but u couldnt tell. Creatively tha two of us together is insane. I KNOW we can do this HAS to happen. This isnt it for for 4 more years to work on somebody elses job till im old enough to retire. not workin 4 nobody else ima be my own boss and somebody gon be workin 4 me. There aint gon be no damn i shoulda done this or..if only we woulda done that..naw its gon happen. Summer 2009 is gonna be THE summer. My ambition alone can take over tha world...jus wait till u see my imagination..

im out.
Splinty McVeigh

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Justice is puttin out a cd/dvd documentary on my birthday, can u say dank? And i'm gone like that.

Monday, October 6, 2008

False Alarm

After I made the drunk but not really post it hit me why i wasnt buzzin, Im on zyrtex cuz my allergies been fucked up, so thats why i was fucked up but i wasnt fucked I can keep sippin!!! yay!! haha naw I'm still gone chill. RIP Ciroc Ovodka, Hen Icey, Abso Loot, Pair Rotbey, Crown Royal, and Hyp Not Ick.


so i came on here to key-style real quick..but i changed my mind. lol jus a random ass entry before i go to this lame ass note-takin class....i wish i could step outside and find a million dollars and say fuk skool lets start this music shit and begin tha 35oz takeover.
skool sucks ass. its pointlesss..swear everyday i hear a story botu somebody who aint got no type of fukkin high school/college degree no fukkin education and they multi millionaires......
shits rediculous. i need to get tha fuk outta wichita falls. im swangin to denton or college station next year or autsin..i jus havent figured out which one yet...but its commin soon.
anyway im ghost like rolls royce.

Like Im drunk but Im not....

Yeah so I 2nd Splinter on the stop drinking amendment to kilogrammar konstitution. I aint never been as hard of a drinker as Splint but lately Ive been gunnin for the title. Last night I had one of the weirdest feelings Ive ever had, and the shit was disturbing cuz I couldnt do anything but ride it out. I had been drinkin and I was drunk but I wasnt buzzin, It was like i could feel the alcohol in my system but I wasnt getting a high from it, shit was uncomfortable. Imagine being intoxicated, knowing it, feeling all the effects of it and wanting to sober up but you cant...that was me last night. That shit was the Anti-Dank. lmao. But yeah I had been thinkin bout layin off the 'hol jus so I could get back on my weights and hardbody shit but after last night Ill be chillin for a minute...I think (meow) will be my anti-drug lmfao....

A sober drunk nigga

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hi My Name Is Master Splinter, And Ima Alcoholic..This Gon B A Long One..

Ill admit. I tried to stop drinkin and i cant. i didnt even go a week. Thursday i was cool i was like naw im not gon drink..friday i aint even go out...Saturday i got shitfaced. it started off wit a lil baby long island ice tea which was actually stronger than i anticipated. aight a glass of that followed by a shot and a half of e&j had me right. aight we get to tha club and its live than a bitch females everywhere(5 of em consisted of ex gfs which was awkward as fuk.) so we chillin my bro gets a drink i sip half his shit we hit tha floor. im still good...aight...then we go and my bro gets another drink well i tell him to buy me one..i dnt even kno wat it was but by now, as u might have guessed, im fukkd up.
I enjoyed tha rest of tha time at tha club danced wit some females..attempted to juggle two of my females at once cuz both of em was there (another entry). As im chillin i look to my left and its my first gf..get tha fuk. idk y but i got mad than a bitch. like i wanted to jus drop her and tha nigga she was wit. and she kept fukkn starin n i hate dat shit. when im drunk my tolerance level is zero. but i said fuk dat i got two bad hoes that look way betta than her i aint gon trip. anyway i digress..
we leave tha club hit tha after hour spot nobody there..we run by bobby spot and i pour up another cup of e&j and hawaiian punch which is fukkin delicous kill dat. then we get drive around hit up these females house one bitch was bullshittin so we left and i went to my homeboy house...i drink a cup of trash can punch...its 6 in tha fukkin morning and im still drinking.. WHAT THA FUCK!!!
I was that cant stand up, shouldnt be drivin, prolly gon fuk a ugly bitch, cant see straight, dumb, retarded drunk. and i never wanna do that shit again. i cant believe i let myself get that carried away. i dont even remember gettin tha fuck home last nite..shits rediculous
I got a problem..shits obvious. i gotta chill on dis shit. cuz if i woulda gotten arrested or summn woulda happened that woulda been my ass. i got too much goin for me to throw it away. i kno better...i was tellin Nin tha otha day my fam would be ashamed of me if they knew everything i been doin...and wats so bad about it is in a way they do kno cuz they lookin down on me watchin my back. So i kno they up there like wtf is this nigga doin.
Im strong so i can do dis shit...its jus gon take a lil prayer and alot of self control. buts its gon be aight.

Tha first step in handlin tha problem is admittin u got one right?
aight then...Step 2..


Friday, October 3, 2008

Jus bloggin..bloggin...yea baby we ballin like rawlins and spaulding

its tha 1st thursday in about a month that im actually sober. Im pretty proud of myself cuz even my homeboys offered me a drink but i was like naw fuk dat. Smoked my last black today..gave tha rest of tha pak to my homeboy cuz i dont need it..swear i can already feel my lungs sayin wtf to my dumbass..Im chillin tho.
Fukkin state fair this weekend and errybody n they mama goin except me. Im pissed but my broke ass need some money cuz im strugglin 4 real. i got 3 dollas to my name..that aint wat that is.
Still trynna find my way out this bitch. erryday i hate W.F more and more. Dead ass im not happy. and i front like im cool and shit but im not. i cant myself thinkin bout my gramps and my auntie and the rest of my kinfolks damn near cryin...Dnt get it twisted i aint no bitch but that shit hurts. I miss my fam.


I guess im out this hoe..i aint even sleepy. FUCK insomnia


Im somewhat of a loner, not on purpose its just my nature and I feel like that theres less potential for drama keepin a very small circle and not even goin to deep with them. But Im still human*, and sometimes I get lonely, but I started noticin that its always after Ive been hanging out with people that I get these weirds feelings and just feel like I dont belong. Its confusin to me cuz the people I do hang around say Im a cool person and they enjoy bein around me and all that shit, but I just feel like I dont relate to people for some reason. I dont know, its hard to explain because the feeling really doesnt make sense to me. I really wish I could be a more sociable person but the shit just aint in me. My patience is fucked up and I dont trust people, so even when I do have niggas I keep em on the edge. I dont even wanna get into my relationships with females cuz that shit is another entry. But thats pretty much it, it is what it is. Im a mutherfuckin human with an asterik.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sorry?....I guess

Its a few people mad at me right now, I aint do shit but be completely honest with them so I'm chillin. I dont think theres one person that I couldnt deal with them being mad/pissed/upset with or hating me. I dont lose sleep at night over people, I have to have a problem with God and something he doesnt like in my life before I cant sleep. Everything else is extraneous to me. I dont mean this in a mean way either, cuz Id like to be cool with everyone but thats not possible when people trip with you for telling the truth, so its whatever. While yall mad, Ill be counting sheep.


Trill O'Reilly-Nin-Huey Freeman-Ad HomiNin-NINtendo