Sunday, November 30, 2008

Skunk Love

Man, I needed this break something serious. Me and Splint just chilled the whole week and got away from all the stress, worries, and responsibilities. Its crazy how we can be our own biggest stress factor sometimes. I naturally think a lot and with that comes worries because the more you think the more you realize how much is really uncertain in life. It felt good to just live this week and not worry about what moves I need to make or what I have to do. I woke up this mornin and my stomach hurt cuz I just loathe going back to school that much. I really dont know if I dont like my school or if I dont like bein away from home, I think its a lil of both and a lot of the latter, but iont know. I just gotta grind out two weeks then I can rest for a month n then knockout the spring. I know good things are comin so Im not worried about anything anymore. God got my soul, Splint got my back, I got the drive, who got the map? lol Its already set out, so I'm just ridin.

Kilo Kids
2 DopeSpittas in a Chevy

Thursday, November 27, 2008

That's Savage

YEAHHHHH. Last night me, Splint, and some more of my bros went to a Lil Boosie show in Dallas. THROWED. We had a bottle of Ciroc and was loooosse. Ciroc Ovodka is my President lmao. Good ass time. Me and Splint had an ignint freestyle session on the way. When we got to the club it was packed. Females erywhere. Niggas straight ackin. Boosie had that throwback Coogi sweater on lookin like Bill Cosby slangin pudding lol. He did his shit though. All in all, it was live. Oh and that niggas piece and chain was Eli Porter, white and yellow diamonds and it said "Superbad." It was mean.


was dank, of course. Im full of turkey of dressin. And its nap time.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Why I'm just now hearing this..I dont know, Im late, shidd. Either way its simply dank. My favorite rapper...ever since I found Doom tho he got some comp but anyway, this song is the illyness.

Monday, November 24, 2008


If I was ballin please believe this would be on my stat sheet. This is soooo rediculous, can imagine this shit zippin past you on the highway at night. I will have one of these one day, one day.

A million mosquitos buzzzzzinnnn

Splint's favorite producer and some thoedness for tha trunk. sidenote. this video almost got nigga really'd cuz it look so damn cheap, I'm tired of these white background videos with a rapper and all his weed carriers. The director need his arse dropped.

Nigga Really??? Mama told you bout playin in the house...


oh yeah I'm 19 you bastidddssss. The long blog entry will come damn professor decided to give me an exam as a bday

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The place to be and not to be at the same time...

Ive come to realize that i could honestly give a fuk bout somebody elses feelings. 3 ppl in tha world i give a fuk about. My mama my daddy and my bro nin. Everybody else jus plays a minor part in my life. Nobody else is gonna be there in tha end when its all said and done so why tha fuck should anybody else matter?

Ive realized i barely give a fuck about anything. im on the verge of possible losing my job and i dont give a fuck. One of my bosses is a bitch and my attitude doesnt make tha situation any better. My attitude doesnt make anything any better for that matter. I believe im stuck in a point on my life and i cant move forward. this average everyday life shit isnt for me. havin to listen to a boss/professor/anybody is not for me. i want to have my own authority over myself and not have to answer to anyone for anything.

life is a mess right now...this break should give me plenty of time to clear my head. damn i cant wait to get to tha funk.

Shit always gets bad b4 it gets better...
i guess that mean summn good as fuk bout to happen

i leave yall wit this



Saturday, November 22, 2008


Day N Nite (Remix) - Jim Jones

For whoever can tell me whos song thing is..i kno jim jones is on it but whos tha otha dude? cuz this song go hard and i want tha inst to this too.

Hi, its Nin again. The artist is Kid Cudi, u damn seminal vesicle breathed nagger

Friday, November 21, 2008

eleven 24

My birth/landing/descent/neuron day is coming up. Im kind of excited, kind of not. Not excited cuz I feel like I'm behind in life and accomplishing my goals. Excited cuz, hell, I'm turnin 19, why not.haha. But some weird shits been botherin me, like I swear I jus always happen to look at clocks when they say 11:24. Like maybe Im just trippin and it jus strikes me becuz that date is significant to me, but on the trill, I see it all the time(NoPunInten). And I keep seein 254. The whole 254 thing started when I came down here for school, I just kept seein it, then it stopped for a while, now its happening again. I associate a meaning with everything and feel like theres a reason y I see anything. Right now I dont know what it is, but hopefully I'll realize it soon.

Young C Hoeeee

Dude been spittin crazy since he made this comeback/resurgence. Im waitin for the CD and I been followin the 30 verses series and dude has yet to dissappoint.

Nigga really?? Gap edition

well dude uhhhh.... there u have it
flo went from birthday cake (which is still one of my fav songs) to that damn apple bottom jeans song (which plagued the club for waaaaay to long) to that damn ayer song (which is jus annoying as fuck) to a fukkn Gap add (which is jus plain hilarious) Id expect this shit from trey songz..r&b niggas can do Gap ads. but flo?? nigga u should be ashamed of yoself. in fact dont EVA let me hear this nigga say anything else about bein a thug or a gangster or a goon in any of his songs after this gap commercial cuz 35oz will have to roast this nigga.


hahah aight im done
Splinty Mcveigh
Osplinta Bin Laden

hi ,yeah its Nin, I had to cosign this...OUCH...It dont snow in Florida, WHOAAAAA(brisco tone) lmao..Splinter, back to you.

What it do my nigga wat it issssssss

Aight...Nin has takin ova tha blog cuz i never have time or find shit important enough to place on tha blog. but im back..ima try to blog atleast once a day if not every other day. *dont hold me to that we kno with goals*
HUUUGE co sign on the whole charles hamilton/lykke li/drake entry...that shit is dank. i want that beat for breakfast its still early and ima tad hungry.

its almost winter break thank GOD. i need a break from college from wichita falls from texas from HERE. swangin down to tha funk 4 thanksgivin. thats a start. update my swag hop on some yellas and roll thru tha boosie boo concert. yeaaaaahhhhh *boosie tone*

anyway im done..might swang back thru later on if im bored enough..




Every dude does and has done this when they look/looked at their least if u got a baddd one lol. It was funny though cuz Joe sound like a pedophile whisperin it outloud to himself but still its what we all think.

Free Throws

Uh yeah, I kinda messed up. I dont feel like too many people really get me or the way I look at things. I think I found somebody thats on the same level as me with the way I think and view the world, but my dumbass wasnt payin attention and let her slip. I dont think Im out but Im behind.
But I'm good tho.
Like God with.
an extra O.
or 35 mo.
now u.

1/2 of the Kilo Kids
2/4 of Your Brain on Drugs
Barack MoDollas and Dough Biden lmao

Quick shout

Thanks to Dekk over at for the shoutout. He is an up and coming producer and I really appreciate his style, I left a comment on one of his posts and he showed the kilo kids some love. Keep makin that real music bro.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Little Bit of Starchasin

Starchasers - Charles Hamilton

Little Bit - Drake & Lykke Li

So first I heard the Charles Hamilton joint and thought it was crazy but I had no idea where the sample came from, Then today the Drake Remix of "Little Bit" came out and all the pieces came together. All three songs are crazzzzyyy. Ima check out some more of Lykke Li's work. so uh yeah theres the puzzle

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Aint really done an actual typed out blog saying anything the past few days so here we go. Things are goin pretty good, Ive finally got into the right zone and understanding that I need to be in to get shit done. I'm just gone handle up and control what I can and the rest will fall in place. Straight like that, cool like this.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On some DC shit

Yeah, jo, thats it. haha.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nigga Really?

Now youre probably sayin "how does this qualify for a nigga really?"..cuz nigga really I'd go raw, no trojan like stanford, no magnum like chevy.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nigga Really? What is that shit??

Now I fucks with this song, shit is thoed to me, but nigga wtf is that shit on the back of yo head? Growin a rat tail bro?...lil pubic fro on yo neck n shid..cut that shid.


Good ole Gym Class Heroes

Friday, November 14, 2008

Reagan Era...Obama Era

This is my shiid. Plain n Simple. 35oz Rep that Obama Era, haha, ya dug??


This WAS easily my favorite mixtape series. In my opinion some of Lil Wayne's best material was on D1 and D2(no mighty ducks). D3 is ass, but I knew what it was before I downloaded it. It was some nice shid on here tho. Drake straight killed "Get Like Me", he easily had the best verse on the tape. "Dick Pleaser" was live, sounded like the "Walk it Off" wayne a lil and that beat stay crunk down here. But all in all, two thumbs down, chaliee murphayyy.

Give a

Fugk what people say, Ye is seriousss...

Dude is just himself and fuck what the world think. Sidenote. I was with this nigga on the flow til he started talkin bout his house wouldnt sell, iont kno why but that shit had me rollin.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

U probably can stop me probably never..

ok dat prolly wasnt his best line to quote however i fuk wit dizzy. and like one or two otha london rappers...some sound retarded tho.
any way dig on it.



how school makes me feel and how I imagine the humdrum 9 to 5 life is.

Damn I'm cold..

So about two weeks ago I walk in English class and the teacher says turn in your FINAL draft. I'm sittin there like shiT!! cuz I thought we had another rough draft due that day and I hadnt even changed anything from the last draft. I couldnt do anything so I just turned that draft in. Got the jawnt back today...A-...needless to say, DAMN IM COLD...Haha good thursday.

Kilo Kids
Children of the Caine
Blow your Mind
35oz til the OD

oh yeah, of course, All Praises to the Supplier, God give me style, God give me Grace.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

off the college rule lines...

Mr. Greyhound

Mr. Greyhound, set me free/
I'ma take you off this leash and let u lead/
Ain't nothin' at home for me/
So I ask the city, please let me leave/
I heard its oppurtunities outside the gate so let me see/
My jays, backpack, these two diamonds, some mp3/
beats, pen, and pad with full sheets, thats all I need/
Pardon me, maam, may I have this seat?/
I'ma sit here and let Mr. Greyhound bring the world to me/

I was jus sittin here listenin to music, vibin and this came out. Tryna get loose...
Kilo Kids
Children of the Caine
35oz til the Rehab


I'm tired of this fucking dorm room.
I'm tired of this damn twin bed, the fuck i look like in this lil shit.
I'm tired of eatin in a gotdamn cafeteria everyday.
I'm tired of seeing these niggas all the time, roommates are the anti-dank.
I'm tired of these smart ass non teachin teachers.
I'm tired of paying to wash my damn clothes.
I'm tired of this damn campus.
Im tired of this shit. Period.
Im not gone say college is wack but this one is for sure.


This is when the shit is the hardest, its 1:42 am, I got class at 9 and all I can think about is rapping. I want to take out my pen and pad and just go, then take it to the booth and record it. Instead I gotta force myself to sleep to chase a degree...I'm tryna hit these niggas with the plus degree, minus a degree, hopefully you got that, if not, it still made sense to Let me chill before I leave this bitch and start living life.......

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This aint...

the verse I intended to post but here's a lil somethin. The idea came to me a while back when I just thinking to myself about what dreams are and playing with the idea. This isnt even a full verse, just 7 lines. I feel like its complete, i'll probabaly go a full sixteen one day and make it a verse but as for now its complete.

Sleep is kin to death, so Sandman, Mr. Sandman what is a dream?/
my eyelids got heavy and dimethyltriptamine painted a scene/
visions of the afterlife, growing closer to the light in the dark of night/
deja vu is God giving me a crumb from Heaven in life/
sleep rejuvenates, time away from life is what I need to function right/
the abscence of life is the presence of the divine, a flash of God's mind/
insomnia is atheism, cataracts to cloud my third eye blind/

Nigga Really? It aint that damn hot edition

Where the hell yo shirt at nigga? Cover that shit up, niggggaaaaa. U got breastssssssssss. Yo stomach is globalll nigggaaaaaaaaaa.


my bad, the verse is comin. I started goin in on it so Ima take my time with it. As I was typing it I started feeling funny cuz I was typing it. As a writer first, mc second, it feels kind of unorganic typing my work. I know, its the same basically but its just somethin different about physically writin it down, scratchin it out, and rewritin it. Its just more pure to me. so uhh Respect the Penmanship. botches.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


uh I aint did a damn thing since I blogged earlier. Fuck Homework, Dormwork, just fuck all that. So lemme air out this tornado in my brain. I was thinkin bout all my people and whatnot and I realized I dont really have personal relationships with anybody. Like everybody is just there and then theres me. Besides my ace couldnt nobody really tell you shit about me, truthful shit at least. To some extent that bothers me cuz the people that are important to me dont even really know me. And on that, the line of who's important and who's not gets blurred easy. Ive become real introverted over the last few years and as much as I learn and perceive, I push people out and keep em on the other side of the fence, which probably keeps me ignorant to some things. I really cant help it tho. When I try to be sociable and shit like that I feel my self forcin it. Y force it?, if it aint me, it just aint me. Shid iont kno, whatever. How bout a verse? Look up bsytch.

Before the books...

Let me blog it out rite quick. Lets see uhhh...Waco feels more like home than the Funk, that scares the shit out of me, but it is what it is. My heart is in the Funk tho. Uhhh...I didnt make any mistakes this weekend, Splint know what I'm talkin bout. Im startin to worry though cuz Im not seein the opposites in a good light. All I see is their "divinity" and not their "humanity." My species will understand that statement. Hopefully Ill find one to bring me back to earth... uhhh thats most of it, shit is randomly runnin right now so I'll probably be back shortly. wait wait, 35 oz. is coming soon, very soon. We're two years behind but please believe we gone catch up then lap the game. The kilo kids, the ki to the game. Peace.

35ozNin aka Voodoo Man aka Huey Freeman

Thursday, November 6, 2008

No letting up

My university has a history of trying to let incidents like the ones of the past few days be forgotten or swept under the rug virtually untouched and with little done. Its my first year here and I would like to graduate from here, so I feel a personal responsibility to do what I can to change things around here. I will not allow the school to ignore the racism that exists here. I initially did not want to come here but God got me here and now I know why. Ill be tracking the progression of things here and how they are handled so people can remain informed about whats going on.

Kilo Kids


Here's the CNN coverage of the incident at my university.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nigga Really? pt. 3 Didnt u wanna cut his balls off last week? edition

Sorry Miss Jackson ohhhhh I AM FOR REAL...Why are you crying? Im pretty sure you wanted Barack's Balls(so homo cuz this niggas bitch ass) for Christmas ornaments a lil while back. You was probably thinkin that was supposed to be you up there, huh? Hi hater, bye hater. Karmas a bitch, now or later. And I'm gone like that. Peace to all that deserve it and love to all that don't deserve it.

No anesthesia

The past two days have been some of the most trying on my spirit and my mind that I hav ever experienced. A lot of frustration, confusion, and deep thought have plagued me. Ive been a witness to things I hoped Id never have to experience and on a level that Id never thought "Christian" people would stoop to. God gave me music as my escape from reality and pain, and its crazy to me that I got the feeling he wanted me to fast from music when I would be encountering these things. Ive been doing my best sticking to the fast and I feel like I'm growing already. I feel like I have to get proactive and help to change a lot of things in my school community and America in general. Its sad that people are responding like they are to the election when even if you are not a democrat you have to realize the significance of a black man being the next president. I just want unity. Im really tired of the whole situation but I have a lot of work to do if I want to be a part of the change. So Im just going to do what I can and pray that God will open peoples' eyes, minds, and perspectives, and if not just don't let me feel like my work is in vain.

35ozNIN 1/2 of the Kilo Kids.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Somebody hung a noose from a tree on our campus this morning. I went to my first class at 8am, and my teacher finished early and let us out around 845am. The campus was still fairly empty then. I went back to my room and one of my friends texted me around 915am saying that there was noose hanging from one of the trees. I walked out to where he said and there it was. There were a lot more people out now and people were walking around like they didnt see it there or something. Today is a historical day and represents so much change but the ignorance and foolishness displayed this morning shows how far back some people are. Obama represents change in so many ways and no matter what anyone does to him or to try to blemish today the statement has been made. We are standing up as people and making progress and showing that we are equal citizens. Try as you may to discourage us but the seed has been planted and is growing in the minds of our people, and you cant stunt that growth. Understand that this is not all about black and white either, its about unity. Obama means a lot to us as African Americans, but we should be able to just say Americans. Lets all come together and make a difference. And the noose situation still hurts me because people hate us for reasons beyond our control and for reasons they probably dont even understand themselves. But its okay. "They dont hate me, they hate God, I aint make me"-Jay Electronica

35oz is the difference. A ki, a key. Crack changed America in the 80s and we're here to reverse it.

Mute *cosign*

aight so bro got me on this music fast. he's tha smarter more spiritual one of tha 2 of us so ima follow this nigga try to make it a week without my beloved music..
it aint even been 24 hours and im losin my mind. i got songs in my head i cant even listen to, ridin in tha car is depressing cuz its so damn silent.
i aint even trippin tho i can do it.
anyway im outtie like a belly button

tomorrows election day GO VOTE

0bama in 08



Sometimes you gotta press mute to really hear...I was sittin in class today and somethin (GOD) told me to fast from music except gospel for a week. I dont know why or what for but when I get a feeling like this I follow it. So from yestadai at 7pm til next monday at 7pm me n splinter are fasting from music. This is harder than u might think considerin me n him both always got somethin playing. I feel like God is trying to show us somethin tho so I'm goin to stick it out.

Silent in the Lone Star to hear the constellations speak.

Monday, November 3, 2008


cosign previous post, lmfao at "HRRGGGGRRHHH"


One of the most if not the most under rated Texas Rappers..
Fuk wit it

I Aint Trippin - Chalie Boy


Sunday, November 2, 2008


doesnt really tell how I'm feelin right now but this jawnt always helps me fall back and think.

Wake Up - Pacific Division

Time & Money

Homecoming WEEKEND...was okay. Not dank, just okay. I'm tired man, this party club shit is gettin old quick, Im a fucking freshman in collge, this shit aint supposed to be feeelin old already... I dont know man, but I dont see myself goin out too much in the near future, its redundant and I cant really have fun unless I got somethin in my Im not a damn druggie or alcoholic, I just dont like people and I need shit so I can tolerate bein in a packed room full of em for a few hours. That last thought in itself is a reason to quit goin out, but what ever tho. Im startin to see the triviality of the shit I/we/niggas/humans do. Nothin matters man, every dollar I spend Im gettin closer to broke and every second I breath Im gettin closer to death...Ima try to enjoy it all while I can but now ima try to do it in a more profitable way.

to be cont. on StarChaser*

Im gone, peace in ya soul, cease fire in ya mind.

Nin, Human* After All, Ron O'Trill