Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nigga REALLY ?! "And I would never, and I would never, and I would never fall.."

and then this happened...


man, I aint heard nothin from Lux in a minute, but dude just went offff on this flow. ELI PORTER.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Drum roll please...

Hater of the year goes to

All this guy does is talk negative about people, Im well aware of the difference between voicing your opinion and just dead hating, Bill o'Reilly is a hater. I pray I get to go on his show one day and do some shit like Cam'ron and Damon Dash(youtube lunchin so I cant post the vid). Just keeding, but yall get the picture.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Its hard, man. Shit aint nothin like it was growin up. I thank God for my life and family regardless of my standing with them. I just wanna get away from everybody. It will all straighten out eventually is what I keep tellin myself, I dont know how true that is but I gotta keep sayin it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Its been too hard livin', but I'm afraid to die

Anthony Hamilton - "A Change Is Gonna Come" from levi maestro on Vimeo.

One of my favorite songs of all time and Anthony Hamilton just killed it. One thing that always gets me about this song though is the way it ends, I never feel like its supposed to end when it does, I feel like theres more. Iont kno, thats just how I feel when I hear it.


I been neglected the posts out the blog of late. I been busy though...and been bullshittin with Splint. But, hey, I'm back. I swung to Wichita Fallz as soon as I finished my last final and kicked it with Splinter like a teenage mutant ninja turtle. A lotta shit talk, intoxication, and fun. But now its back to business. I got to get my focus together. We on it, me and splint talked bout some shit and its go time. So here we go. 35oz til we OD. Peace.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well I would jus like to say...

Its my birthday and uh....

You cant tell me NOTHIN

haha Happy birthday SplinteR

I'd just like to say....

My Lil/Big Bro made 19. Happy birthdai lil ole botch.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

"You jive muthafuckaaaahhhh"

This shit looks ADDDD, eli porter.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Im an Uptown boy..

first off i'd like to say FUCK CHEMISTRY. but on a lighter note, the brooklyn girls vid dropped today. Its a good look for charles hamilton, a real artist, musician, and lyricist. Looks dude is set to do some big things and turn this industry around, hope fully he can do so.

*I doubt this is the final cut*

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nigga really?? Chedder Bob Edition

my nigga plexico aint never gon live this hoe down lmmfao

"Your a future car parker nothin lighter ima sparker"

officialy one of my fav rappers outta new york. THIS LIL NIGGA IS A MUH FUKKN BEAST. wonder where he got it from cuz his pops was sorry. anyway im gone. back to studyin.


"Wipe that smile off your fucking face"

One & Only - Timbaland Feat. Fall Out Boy

idk how i found this. its a wierd ass combo. but tha breakdowns are dank as fuk. and i cant stop listenin to this wipe that smile off ur fukkng face..
my ears are crazy lately i been listenin to all types of crazy shit but i like it.

anyway out..


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I found this while I was uhh "studying"

The Grand Finale..

Finals...fuck. I'm just tryna make it back to the Funk, but I have 5 tests in my way. I hate finals. Its dumb, to me, to have one test over some material, never talk about it again and then just throw the shit on a test at the end of the semester. I'm not talking about when the new material builds on the old material, I'm talkin about random shit. But fuck all that(no homo if u read that fast), I'm just gone knock these out and enjoy Christmas break. I need to get outta here quick, Roommates=anti-dank. Its not even them as much as its me just not likin being around people 24hrs a day everyday. but uhh lemme get back to studyin so this time will fly faster and these tests will come quicker and I'll be home sooner.

Ferris Bueller
TJ Detweiller

Monday, December 8, 2008

"Whisper in my ear that you want some more then...."


"Real Dawgs Dont Pay 4 Cat"

Classsssiiiiiiiccccc shiiiiiiitttttt. Man i remember when i was lil they used to play this song all tha time on tha radio and it was my jam then. i was like 6 years old..its crazy i remember dat shit.

Sidenote: is dat jazzy pha singin? it dont look nothin like dat nigga..anyway im ghost.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

"I Can Transform I Can Transfrom I Can Transform With Out Even Tryin"

I would go on youtube everyday 4 bout a month jus to listen to this version of this song. u cant find tha shit anywhere cuz ive looked but i love this fukkn song. gnarles barkley is crazy. whos gonna save my soul now is also another one of my i said i jam all music ima music head 4 real. jus trynna let yall in my world a lil bit. wipe ya feet at tha door.


"Ignore Me If You See Me Cuz I Just Dont Give A Shit"

I fuks wit all music. Nin prolly gon read this n txt me talkin shit but fuk him this my blog too. and if he can put dat lykki li shit on here then dammit i can put this on here...but i digress. i like tha song n its a crazy ass video. ive heard these dudes wit gym class heros and wat not so i fuk wit em. plus i love that line.

anyway im out..ill prolly be right back tho..


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nigga Really??? Doth thee weep like a maiden

WTF? Nigga!!! You bout 6'13 350lbs. you prolly eat pitbull puppies for breakfast, and you cryin??? Man up.

Friday, December 5, 2008

"God Walks With Me But Im Still Vexed"

idk how but i ended up youtubin kid cudi and i surfed around listenin to a few of his songs and dude goes in. pause. i fuks wit him.

see also cleveland and the prayer.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today marks a year since Pimp C of UGK died. In Texas he's an icon, legend and pioneer of our rap scene. To me every human life has the same value and the loss of any life is saddening, so I want to also take time to say R.I.P. to any and everyone that has passed and ask that God bless their souls. I don't have a heaven or hell to place anyone in so I cant say that he's an angel or otherwise but he did a lot of good things for the Lonestar State and I'm proud to say he was a Texan. Splint and I weren't lucky enough to work with him before he passed but we look forward to carrying on the legacy that he and Bun B started here. R.I.P. Pimp C, all the other Texas Legends, and everyone everywhere that has moved on.

One Day Your Here, Then Your Gone - UGK

"Man who am I? Just like a super Saiyan'

More B.oB. lmfao hahahahaah


I had this weird dream earlier. I was taking a nap before my 5:30 class, in the dream I woke up to go to class and I was lookin at the clock to see what time it was. I knew in my mind the clock was supposed to say 5:12 but it kept saying 10:12, 2:12, 9:12, or 15:12. My vision was kind of blurry in the dream too. After the clocked flashed those times it flashed 5060 then I woke up. I dont know what that means but it was weird to me. I dont know man. Ive had a few weird dreams lately.

To answer your question...

Dekk we currently dont have music out yet. we just have a gang of ideas and a shitload of imagination...but soon and very soon the infection will begin.

Master Splinter
1/2 of the Crack Babies/Kilo Kids

ill holla at yall..but if u need me..


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"I hope when dinner's cold my niggas don't desert me"

Drake is seriousss. Interscope has an ignant roster. Wale, Charles Hamilton, and Drake. Thats ridiculous cuz those are the three best artists, in my opinion, that have recently gone major. I need a track with all three of them dudes on it. And who is Colin Munroe?, he sounds dank, Im finna do some research on dude's music.

Over n out, 35ozNin aka The Sober CrackHead

Monday, December 1, 2008

Flyer than the rest of emmm

Mayne I been waitin on this for a minute. Wale go in like a convict.

Every Trapper IS NOT A RAPPER

but these niggas here...shiddd. Most hood niggas think because they were in the dope game they are automatically qualified to be rappers. NEGATIVE. Rapping and Emceeing dont have shit to do with street/drug/hood shit. Its about being real and knowing how to work the words with flow. All the other shit is extraneous. These dudes were emcees that got caught up in street shit. So all wackness please exit stage left.

"And since when lyrical skills had to do with killin a cat? What type of chitlins is that?" MF Doom

Kilo Kids

*No the Kilo Kids/35oz/Your Brain on Drugs did not nor do deal, the name is a metaphor and a form of symbolism, all of that we'll be explained at a later date.*

They say yo jus too real boy

Im back like spinal cords. returning from a dank ass break to go back to skool sucks ass. i miss home. i wasnt worried bout a damn thing except wat we was drinkn on and wat we was gettin into dat nite. aint have to worry bout a test or class or nothing. i love that feelin. i hate stressin yet thats all i seem to do lately. stressin bout money class school tha future. its all too much. i was tellin bro i wanna go on vacation one day and not take a cell phone. so i aint gotta focus on nobody but me. and i can jus relax. ima do that one day. when we go back on break for christmas i dont wanna take my phones jus relax and be wit family and enjoy tha time. I went to church yesterday for tha first time in forever. i walked in and sat down and one of the lil kids gave me a visitor card. dat hurt cuz i was one of tha main members of that church i had been there from jump. but i think dat was Gods way of tellin me i dont spend enough time in church. and then the message that was told hit me hard. u kno how u go to church and u feel like dude is talkin bout your situation...thats how it felt. i need to quit trippin and let God take control. so thats my plan ova these next two weeks. jus calm down and let God take over. lets make it happen cappn.

Master splinter aka
Splinte West

Scuse me Scuse me, dont mind me, just lemme drop this.

Ok i'm gone, i was never here